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Diocesan Resolution 2015_AC141_03: Prison Ministry New Life Chapels

RESOLVED, that this 141st Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark recognize the “New Life Chapels” of Prison Ministry, and support these chapels in prayer by placing them on the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer.

Submitted by: Prison Ministry, Diocese of Newark

The Rev. Pamela Bakal, The Rev. Audrey Hasselbrook, The Rev. Kathleen Ballard, Brenda Beavers-Simpson, The Rev. Noel Bordador, Tim Evans, Dorothy Fowlkes, Paul Forste, Ruth Mayes, Carol Messer, Gwyneth Munn, Paul Murphy, Larry Ostuni, The Rev. Elizabeth Ostuni, Daniel Somers, The Rev. Sandra Rock, Ron Verblaauw, John Vine.

Supporting Information

The Book of Common Prayer states that: “In corporate worship we unite ourselves with others to acknowledge the holiness of God, to hear God’s Word, to offer prayer, and to celebrate the sacraments.”

Members of Prison Ministry of the Diocese of Newark minister weekly with prayer, praise and Bible study, and monthly with a service of Holy Eucharist, and on occasion baptisms, at Northern State Prison and Hudson County Correctional Facility.

a) Prison Ministry began its work in the diocese as an official committee in the year 2000. It meets monthly at Grace Church Nutley, and at other locations around the diocese. Prison Ministry also consists of associate groups of parishes or clergy who are involved in a prison ministry of their own, or assist with our projects.

b) It was the men of Northern State Prison who chose the name “New Life”.

c) Our Mission Statement is:
As the prison ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, and motivated by the Gospel imperative in Matthew 25:36: “I was in prison and you visited me,” we are advocates for restorative justice, interfaith programs, and personal healing, for prisoners, their families, and communities.

Resource Date: 
Jan 31, 2015