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Clergy in the Diocese of Newark

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Clergy Namesort descending Position Church
The Rev. Lauren Ackland Ackland, The Rev. Lauren Co-Interim Priest St. George's, Maplewood
The Rev. Michael Allen Allen, The Rev. Michael Rector Trinity, Allendale
Alling, The Rev. Frederic
The Rev. William Allport Allport, The Rev. William Rector St. Paul's, Englewood
The Rev. Richard B. Andersen Andersen, The Rev. Richard B.
Arlin, The Rev. Charles
Austin, The Rev. Dorothy
The Rev. Valerie Bailey Fischer Bailey Fischer, The Rev. Valerie
The Rev. Pamela Bakal Bakal, The Rev. Pamela Rector Grace Church, Nutley
Baldwin, The Rev. Judith
 The Rev. Deacon Kathleen Ballard Ballard, The Rev. Deacon Kathleen Deacon St. George's, Maplewood
Sr. Helena (The Rev. Helena) Barrett Barrett, the Rev Dr Ellen Marie (Sr. Helena) Retired
Barrett, The Rev. Timothy
The Rev. J. Barrington (Barrie) Bates Bates, The Rev. J. Barrington (Barrie)
The Rev. J. Brent Bates Bates, The Rev. J. Brent Rector Grace Church, Newark
The Rev. Deacon Lloyd Batson Batson, The Rev. Deacon Lloyd
Beach, The Rev. Dr. Diana
The Rt. Rev. Mark M. Beckwith, 10th Bishop of Newark Beckwith, The Rt. Rev. Mark M. Bishop of Newark, Retired
The Rev. Michel Belt Belt, The Rev. Michel Priest Associate Grace Church, Madison
The Rev. Dr. R. Douglas Bendall Bendall, The Rev. Dr. R. Douglas
Bennett, The Rev. Dudley
The Rev. Maylin Biggadike Biggadike, The Rev. Maylin
The Rev. Cynthia Black Black, The Rev. Cynthia Rector Redeemer, Morristown
The Rev. Deacon Ken Boccino Boccino, The Rev. Deacon Ken Deacon St. George's, Maplewood
Bolles-Beaven, The Rev. Anne
Bowen, The Rev. Cn. George
Boyle, The Rev. Peter
Brant, The Rev. George
Brdlik, The Rev. Christopher Retired
The Rev. Debra Brewin-Wilson Brewin-Wilson, The Rev. Dr. Debra M. Rector St. Mary's, Sparta
The Rev. Janet Broderick Broderick, The Rev. Janet Rector St. Peter's, Morristown
Brown, The Rev. David C.
The Rev. Robert Browning Browning, The Rev. Robert Retired
The Rev. Ally Brundige Brundige, The Rev. Ally Chaplain, Choate Rosemary Hall School, Wallingford, CT
The Rev. Esar Budhu Budhu, The Rev. Esar Rector St. Agnes & St. Paul's, East Orange
Byrum, The Rev. Dr. Emory E.
The Rev. Dr. David Cabush Cabush, The Rev. Dr. David Chaplain, Heath Village, Hackettstown, NJ
The Rev. Timothy Carr Carr, The Rev. Timothy Priest-in-Charge St. John's, Boonton
The Rev. Chris Carroll Carroll, The Rev. Chris
The Rev. Shawn Carty Carty, The Rev. Shawn Retreat House Manager Community of St. John Baptist, Mendham
Chang, The Rev. Dr. Mark C. M.
The Rev. Susan Chrystal Chrystal, The Rev. Susan P.
The Rev. Diana D. Clark Clark, The Rev. Diana D. Priest Associate Calvary, Summit
The Rev. Sheelagh A. Clarke Clarke, The Rev. Sheelagh A. Interim Coordinator for Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Diocese of Newark
The Rev. William R. Coats Coats, The Rev. William R. Assistant to the Rector for Adult Formation Christ Church, Ridgewood
The Rev. Kevin P. J. Coffey Coffey, The Rev. Kevin P. J. Rector Atonement, Fair Lawn
The Rev. Mark R. Collins Collins, The Rev. Mark R. Rector All Saints', Glen Rock
The Rev. Gary Commins Commins, The Rev. Gary Co-Interim Priest St. George's, Maplewood
The Rev. Joan Conley Conley, The Rev. Joan Associate Rector St. Elizabeth's, Ridgewood
The Rev. Matthew T. L. Corkern Corkern, The Rev. Matthew T. L. Rector Calvary, Summit
The Rt. Rev. John P. Croneberger Croneberger, The Rt. Rev. John P. Bishop of Newark, Retired
The Rev. William C. Cruse Cruse, The Rev. William C. Priest-in-Residence St. John's, Ramsey
The Rev. Geoffrey B. Curtiss Curtiss, The Rev. Geoffrey B. Spiritual Counselor, Hudson County Correction Center
David, The Rev. Jacob T.
The Rev. Mary Elizabeth Davis Davis, The Rev. Mary Elizabeth Rector St. Paul's, Chatham
Davis, The Rev. Orion W.
The Rev. David DeSmith DeSmith, The Rev. David
The Rev. Virginia (Ginny) Dinsmore Dinsmore, The Rev. Virginia (Ginny)
Dixon, The Rev. Robert K.
The Revs. F. Ellen A. Donnelly & John Donnelly Donnelly, The Rev. F. Ellen A.
The Rev. Deacon Deborah Rucki Drake Drake, The Rev. Deacon Deborah Rucki
Rev. Lorraine Dughi Dughi, The Rev. Lorraine Mazuy
The Rev. Lucy Ann Dure Dure, The Rev. Lucy Ann
The Rev. Deacon Karen A. Eberhardt Eberhardt, The Rev. Deacon Karen A. Deacon
The Rev. Elizabeth Edman Edman, The Rev. Elizabeth
The Reverend Julian Eibin Eibin, The Rev. Julian
The Rev. Sylvester Ekunwe Ekunwe, The Rev. Sylvester Vicar St. Andrew's, Newark
Fox III, The Rev. Frederick C.
French, The Rev. Alan C.
Gable, The Rev. David
The Rev. Stephen C. Galleher Galleher, The Rev. Stephen C.
Gambrill, The Rev. James
Gannon, The Rev. William S.
The Rev. Mariano Gargiulo Gargiulo, The Rev. Mariano Rector St. James', Ridgefield
Gat, The Rev. Margaret A. (Maggie) Retired
The Rev. Keith A. Gentry Gentry, The Rev. Keith A.
Gerhardt, The Rev. Michael Joseph Extended Supply Christ Church, Hackensack
The Rev. Deacon Jacques Girard Girard, The Rev. Deacon Jacques Deacon Associate; Chaplain Seaman's Church Institute, Port Newark St. Matthew's, Paramus
Glover, The Rev. Beth Faulk Director of Pastoral Care & Education, New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Golub, The Rev. Elizabeth K.
Gressle, The Rev. Richard L.
Grifo, The Rev. Lynne Interim Rector St. Peter's, Mountain Lakes
The Rev. Robert Griner Griner, The Rev. Robert Rector Christ Church, Newton
Gross, The Rev. Dan Associate Rector St. Peter's, Morristown
Guthrie, The Rev. William A.
Habecker, The Rev. John
The Rev. C. Melissa Hall Hall, The Rev. C. Melissa Rector St. James, Upper Montclair
Hamilton, The Rev. Abigail
Hamilton, The Rev. Dr. David H.
Hansen, The Rev. Deacon Nancy Deacon Good Shepherd, Wantage
The Rev. Joseph A. Harmon Harmon, The Rev. Joseph A. Rector Epiphany and Christ Church, Orange
The Rev. Fletcher Harper Harper, The Rev. Fletcher
The Rev. Deacon Barbara Harriman, Deacon Harriman, The Rev. Deacon Barbara Deacon Christ Church, Pompton Lakes
The Rev. Canon John G. Hartnett Hartnett, The Rev. Canon John G. Retired
The Rev. Rosemarie Hassan Hassan, The Rev. Rosemarie Priest-in-Charge Episcopal Church of St. Luke and St. Mary, Hope and Belvidere
The Rev. Edward M. Hasse III Hasse III, The Rev. Edward M. Rector St. Paul's, Montvale
The Rev. Audrey C. Hasselbrook Hasselbrook, The Rev. Audrey C. Assistant Rector St. James, Upper Montclair
The Rev. Canon Lesley Hay Hay, The Rev. Canon Lesley Interim Priest Good Shepherd, Lincoln Park & Montville
The Rev. Dr. Miguel Hernandez Hernandez, The Rev. Dr. Miguel Priest-in-Charge Holy Trinity, West Orange
The Rev. Deacon Jeanette Hile Hile, The Rev. Deacon Jeanette Deacon, House of the Good Shepherd, Hackettstown, NJ
The Rev. Allen A. Hinman Hinman, The Rev. Allen A. Retired
The Rev. J. Carr Holland Holland, The Rev. J. Carr Retired
Holtman, The Rev. Kimberly
The Rev. Scott Hoogerhyde Hoogerhyde, The Rev. Scott Non parochial
Huck, The Rev. Beverly J.
The Rev. Nathan Huddleston Huddleston, The Rev. Nathan Assistant Rector for Youth Ministry & Outreach Calvary, Summit
Ironside, The Rev. Susan Rector Grace Church, Madison
The Venerable Peter Jackson Jackson, The Venerable Peter Archdeacon for Discernment/Deployment Holy Trinity, West Orange
The Rev. Canon Gregory A. Jacobs Jacobs, The Rev. Canon Gregory A. Canon to the Ordinary
The Rev. David Jones Jones, The Rev. David
The Rev. Rubén Jurado Jurado, The Rev. Rubén Priest in Charge St. Martin's, Maywood
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth M.C. Kaeton Kaeton, The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth M.C. Hospice Chaplain, Pastoral Counselor, Assisting Priest - All Saint's, Rehoboth Beach and St. George's, Harbeson DE
Kaswarra, The Rev. George Assistant Rector Epiphany and Christ Church, Orange
The Rev. Briggett J. Keith Keith, The Rev. Briggett J. Retired
Keller Jr., The Rev. C. Edward Retired
Kern, The Rev. David P.
The Rev. Alexei Khamin Khamin, The Rev. Alexei Priest in Residence St. John the Divine, Hasbrouck Heights
Kimmick, The Rev. Donald W.
The Rev. Kathryn King King, The Rev. Kathryn Rector St. Alban's, Oakland/Franklin Lakes
Klemmt, The Rev. Pierce W. Interim Pastor St. Elizabeth's, Ridgewood
The Rev. Anne E. Koehler Koehler, The Rev. Anne E.
Koeniger, The Rev. Margaret (Bambi) Smithers
The Rev. Ellen Kohn-Perry Kohn-Perry, The Rev. Ellen Assistant Rector St. Paul's, Chatham
The Rev. Daniel W. Kreller Kreller, The Rev. Daniel W. Retired
The Rev. Brian H. Laffler Laffler, The Rev. Brian H. Rector St. Anthony of Padua, Hackensack
Lantz, The Rev. F. William
The Rev. Thomas R. Laws Laws, The Rev. Thomas R. Chaplain to the Retired Clergy; Assisting Clergy St. Luke's, Montclair
Lee, The Rev. Hosea Mun-Yong Retired
The Rev. Daniel Lennox Lennox, The Rev. Daniel
The Rev. Dr. Walter E. Lewis Lewis, The Rev. Dr. Walter E. Assisting Priest St. James, Upper Montclair
Lewis, The Rev. Mark A.
Lincoln, The Rev. Thomas C.
Lindstrom, The Rev. Marjorie D. Priest-in-Residence St. Matthew's, Paramus
The Rev. Kathleen (Kay) Locke Locke, The Rev. Kathleen (Kay) Interim Associate Rector Calvary, Summit
Louis, The Rev. Richard M.
The Rev. Alexander H. MacDonell MacDonell, The Rev. Alexander H.
The Rev. John Marcantonio Marcantonio, The Rev. John
Matarazzo, The Rev. Laurie
The Rev. Thomas (Tom) Mathews Mathews, The Rev. Thomas (Tom) Rector Christ Church, Ridgewood
Elizabeth Wigg-Maxwell Maxwell, The Rev. Elizabeth Wigg Rector St. Peter's, Livingston
The Venerable Christine McCloud McCloud, The Venerable Christine
The Rev. Joyce McGirr McGirr, The Rev. Joyce Bearden
The Rev. Victoria Geer (Vicki) McGrath McGrath, The Rev. Victoria Geer (Vicki) Rector All Saints', Millington
McIntosh, The Rev. Kendra
The Rev. John Mennell Mennell, The Rev. John Rector St. Luke's, Montclair
The Rev. Dr. Allison Moore Moore, The Rev. Dr. Allison Interim Pastor, St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery
Morgan-Higgins, The Rev. Stanley E.
The Rev. Robert C.V. Morris Morris, The Rev. Robert C.V. Founder, Interweave; Priest Associate Calvary, Summit
The Rev. Dr. Timothy Mulder Mulder, The Rev. Dr. Timothy
The Rev. Michael Muller Muller, The Rev. Michael Priest-in-Charge St. Peter's, Essex Fells
Murphy, The Rev. Edward Extended Supply St. Peter's, Washington
The Rev. Thomas M. Murphy Murphy, The Rev. Thomas M. Rector St. Paul's, Jersey City
The Rev. Elizabeth W. Myers Myers, The Rev. Elizabeth W.
Nanthicattu, The Rev. Jacob P. Priest-in-Residence St. Paul's & Resurrection, Wood-Ridge
Neglia, The Rev. Dwight L. Chaplain to the Retired Clergy
Nwogu, The Rev. Okwunna
Joanne O'Neill O'Neill, The Rev. Deacon Joanne Deacon St. Paul's, Englewood
Oh, The Rev. David Young Sam
The Rev. Paul Olsson Olsson, The Rev. Paul Rector St. Paul's, Morris Plains
The Rev. Deacon Elizabeth Ostuni Ostuni, The Rev. Deacon Elizabeth
The Rev. Margaret Otterburn Otterburn, The Rev. Margaret Cleric-in-Charge Messiah, Chester
The Rev. Sr. Barbara Jean Packer Packer, The Rev. Sr. Barbara Jean Convent St. John Baptist
The Rev. Dr. Christine Pae Pae, The Rev. Dr. Christine
The Rev. Archie, M. Palmer, Jr. Palmer, The Rev. Archie, M., Jr. Interim Minister Annunciation, Oradell
Parrish, The Rev. Joseph
Partridge, The Rev. Canon Dr. Edmund B. Retired
The Rev. Gregory G. Perez Perez, The Rev. Gregory G. Rector Trinity Parish in Bergen Point, Bayonne
The Rev. Rodrigo Perez-Vega Perez-Vega, The Rev. Rodrigo Rector St. John's, Dover
The Rev. James V. Petroccione Petroccione, The Rev. James V. Rector Holy Communion, Norwood
The Rev. Dr. Shane Phelan Phelan, The Rev. Dr. Shane
The Rev. Deacon Linda (Lind) Phillips Phillips, The Rev. Deacon Linda (Lind) Deacon
The Rev. Joseph S. Pickard Pickard, The Rev. Joseph S.
Pisani Jr., The Rev. Gerard A.
Polglase, The Rev. Kenneth A.
The Rev. Fairbairn Powers Powers, The Rev. Fairbairn
The Rev. Anthony Puca Puca, The Rev. Anthony Rector Grace Church, Westwood
The Rev. Cathy Quinn Quinn, The Rev. Cathy Clergy Associate for Family Ministries St. Elizabeth's, Ridgewood
The Rev. Jerry Racioppi Racioppi, The Rev. Jerry Rector Holy Spirit, Verona
Ragsdale, The Very Rev. Katherine H.
Rawson, The Rev. William L.
Read, The Rev. Deacon Nancy Deacon; Hospice of Wake County oncall RN
Reinfeld-Karda, The Rev. Margaret
The Rev. Canon Wade A. Renn Renn, The Rev. Canon Wade A.
The Rev. Sr. Eleanor Francis Reynolds Reynolds, The Rev. Sr. Eleanor Francis Mother Superior, Convent St. John Baptist
Rezach, The Rev. Dr. Karen Beverly Extended Supply St. Thomas', Lyndhurst
The Rev. Diane Lynn Rhodes Rhodes, The Rev. Diane Lynn Rector St. Andrew's, Harrington Park
The Rev. Jon Mark Richardson Richardson, The Rev. Jon Mark Priest-in-Charge St. David's, Kinnelon
Riker, The Rev. William Retired; Priest-in-Charge, Christ Church, South Amboy
The Venerable Diane Riley Riley, The Venerable Diane Archdeacon for Mission and Service; Director for Advocacy of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey Good Shepherd, Lincoln Park & Montville
The Rev. Deacon Leonard Roberts Roberts, The Rev. Deacon Leonard
 The Rev. John A. Rollins Rollins, The Rev. John A. Retired
The Rev. Juan Rosario De La Cruz Rosario De La Cruz, The Rev. Juan Priest-in-Charge Grace Church, Union City
Rose, The Rev. Dr. Joy A.
The Rev. Stephen M. Rozzelle Rozelle, The Rev. Stephen M. Priest-in-charge Christ Church, Pompton Lakes, Good Shepherd, Ringwood
The Rev. David Rude Rude, The Rev. David Priest-in-Charge Good Shepherd, Wantage
Salmon, The Rev. John F.
Salt, The Rev. Alfred L.
Candace Sandfort Sandfort, The Rev. Candace Rector St. John's, Montclair
The Rev. Lois J. Schembs Schembs, The Rev. Lois J.
The Rev. Susan A. Schink Schink, The Rev. Susan A.
The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg Schjonberg, The Rev. Mary Frances Assisting Priest, Trinity, Asbury Park, NJ
The Rev. A. Wayne Schwab Schwab, The Rev. A. Wayne
The Rev'd S. Elizabeth Searle Searle, The Rev. S. Elizabeth Vicar Saviour, Secaucus
The Rev. Donald R. Shearer Shearer, The Rev. Donald R.
The Rev. Robert Shearer Shearer, The Rev. Robert Priest-in-Charge St. Mark's, Teaneck
Sherrer, The Rev. Wayne C. Extended Supply St. Peter's, Mount Arlington
Shike, The Rev. Dr. C. Wesley
The Rev. Deacon Sheila Shuford Shuford, The Rev. Deacon Sheila Deacon St. John's, Dover
The Rev. Susan Saucedo Sica Sica, The Rev. Susan Saucedo Vicar St. Gregory's, Parsippany
Sickles, The Rev. Clarence W.
The Rev. Barry M. Signorelli Signorelli, The Rev. Barry M.
Singleton, The Rev. Deacon Jill Deacon Incarnation, Jersey City
The Rev. Dr. Richard Sloan Sloan, The Rev. Dr. Richard
Smith, The Rev. Deacon Lizabeth P. Deacon
Smith, The Rev. Stuart H.
The Rev. Willie James Smith Smith, The Rev. Willie James Rector Trinity, Cliffside Park
The Rev. Bowie Snodgrass Snodgrass, The Rev. Bowie Curate Christ Church, Short Hills
The Rev. Deacon Erik G. Soldwedel Soldwedel, The Rev. Deacon Erik G. Deacon in Residence; Deacon, St. Clement's, Hawthorne St. Paul's, Paterson
The Rev. Robert (Bob) F., Solon Jr. Solon Jr., The Rev. Robert (Bob) F.
The Rt. Rev. John S. Spong Spong, The Rt. Rev. John S. Bishop of Newark, Retired
St. George, The Rev. Dr. David
Steele, The Rev. Deacon Robert E. Deacon
Stonesifer, The Rev. Dr. John DeWitt Interim Rector Christ Church, Short Hills
The Rev. Barry L. Stopfel Stopfel, The Rev. Barry L.
Stout-Kopp, The Rev. Dr. Ronnie
The Rev. Cathie Studwell Studwell, The Rev. Cathie Interim Priest St. Bartholomew's, Ho-Ho-Kus
Swanson, The Rev. George G.
The Rev. Margarita O. Swetman Swetman, The Rev. Margarita O. Associate Priest, Hispanic Ministry, Church of Redeemer-Biloxi, MS
Tarplee, The Rev. Cornelius C. Retired
Taylor, The Rev. David K.
Thiele, The Rev. William Charles Rector St. John's, Passaic
Thomas, The Rev. David R. Retired
The Rev. Elaine Ellis Thomas Thomas, The Rev. Elaine Ellis Rector All Saints, Hoboken
Thomas, The Rev. Trevor E. G.
Tittle, The Rev. Dr. Darlene
The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine Tomaine, The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Priest Associate Calvary, Summit
The Rev. Margaret Tuttle Tuttle, The Rev. Margaret
The Rev. Deacon John Van Dine Jr. Van Dine, The Rev. Deacon John Deacon St. John's, Boonton
The Rev. Dr. Franklin E. Vilas Jr. Vilas Jr., The Rev. Dr. Franklin E. Retired
Wajnert, The Rev. Theresa A.
The Rev. Mark W. Waldon Waldon, The Rev. Mark W. EfM Coordinator for the Diocese of Newark
The Rev. James Warnke Warnke, The Rev. James
The Rev. Dr. Sonia Waters Waters, The Rev. Dr. Sonia
Webb, The Rev. Fain
The Rev. Dean Weber Weber, The Rev. Dean Rector All Saints', Leonia
The Rev. Lynne Bleich Weber Weber, The Rev. Lynne Bleich Rector Atonement, Tenafly
The Rev. Stephanie Wethered Wethered, The Rev. Stephanie
The Rev. Dr. Howard W. Whitaker Whitaker, The Rev. Dr. Howard W. Priest-in-Charge, Grace Church, Elmira, NY
White, The Rev. Dr. Michelle Vicar Christ Church, Teaneck
The Rev. Diana Wilcox Wilcox, The Rev. Diana Rector Christ Church, Bloomfield/Glen Ridge
The Very Rev. C. David Williams Williams, The Very Rev. C. David
The Rev. Dr. Canon Sandye A. Wilson Wilson, The Rev. Dr. Canon Sandye A.
The Rev. Phillip D.  Wilson Wilson, The Rev. Phillip D. Retired
The Rev. Hilary Won Won, The Rev. Hilary Vicar All Saints' Episcopal Korean, Bergenfield
Won, The Rev. Jonathan
Wong, The Rev. George C. Rector Saviour, Denville
The Rev. Laurie Jean Wurm Wurm, The Rev. Laurie Jean Rector Grace Church Van Vorst, Jersey City
The Rev. Dr. Philip Yohannan Yohannan, The Rev. Dr. Philip
The Rev. Young Yoon Yoon, The Rev. Paul Young Priest-in-Charge; Staff Chaplain at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell St. Agnes', Little Falls