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Students and teachers at the Yakawlang Central Girls High School in Afghanistan gather for the twice-yearly delivery of letters from American pen-pals. PHOTO COURTESY AFGHAN SCHOOL PROJECT
Feature | Dec 2, 2019
Sending messages around the world is commonplace in the age of email – but schoolgirls in rural Afghanistan don’t have ready access to...
The Nativity
Feature | Nov 20, 2019
Planning for Advent and Christmas can be stressful, and like so many things it can be something we keep “meaning to work on,” and then, suddenly, the...
From Canon Clark | Nov 5, 2019
Budget season can be rough on parish vestries. In many cases, even in places where there are significant resources available, it can seem to be a...
Loretta Wigfall and John L. Smith of Trinity & St. Philip's Cathedral in Newark with Bishop Hughes and their clergy, the Rev. Sylvester Ekunwe, after receiving their Hegg Awards on June 9, 2019. RUSS WORTHINGTON PHOTO
Feature | Nov 1, 2019
A hymn often sung for All Saints’ Sunday opens with the words, “I sing a song of the saints of God...” and numbers among the saints doctors, soldiers...
Ora et Labora
From Canon Wright | Oct 14, 2019
It’s vital for each of us, in whatever way works for each of us, to find time to reconnect, refresh, and renew ourselves and our relationships.
Campers drum up a good time
Church News | Oct 14, 2019
St. Stephen’s, Millburn hosted the largest group to date – 18 campers – at their 7th annual Drumming Camp last summer.