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Image credit: Saint Patrick at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Junction City, OH; by Nheyob - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Episcopal Mental & Spiritual Health Crisis Ministry | Mar 16, 2021
Long before it was versified and set to music for hymnals, St. Patrick’s Breastplate was part of the Celtic Christian tradition. While we may be more...
Live Stream | Mar 13, 2021
On Saturday, March 13, the Diocese of Newark gathered for an online service to honor the memories of those we lost to death and celebrate the many...
An 1814 advertisement placed in the Poughkeepsie Journal by one of Redeemer’s two founding wardens.
Pursuing Racial Reconciliation | Feb 27, 2021
The story about Redeemer, Morristown’s origins suggests that at the time its members split from St. Peter’s, Morristown in 1852, they...
Pastoral Letter
From Bishop Hughes | Feb 25, 2021
How shall we keep a Holy Lent this year? It will help to start with where we are right now.
T-Minus and counting
Stewardship Matters | Feb 16, 2021
Thanksgiving Day may still be over a week away, but we're already in the Thanking Season of our Annual Pledge Campaigns.
Anglican Rosary
Episcopal Mental & Spiritual Health Crisis Ministry | Feb 16, 2021
Praying with beads as a form of contemplative prayer dates back to ancient times. However, it was not until the 1980s that the Anglican Rosary was...