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Worship Online
Church News | Mar 27, 2020
As we refrain and fast from public worship during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are churches that are livestreaming worship and posting sermons online.
empty pews
From Canon Wright | Mar 26, 2020
Clearly, these are not normal times. Nonetheless, we do continue to worship, to be formed together even while distant and separate from one another.
Feature | Mar 27, 2020
Friday night, a Facebook friend shared a news story about an Indiana hospital asking for protective masks amateurs could sew, and I headed up to the...
E-Giving: It's easy and essential!
Stewardship Matters | Mar 25, 2020
If your church does not yet offer online giving, don’t fear! It is easy and you can make it happen now, even away from the church office.
The Milky Way
From Canon Clark | Mar 17, 2020
We are not really divided or separated, not ever, and not now. We are one diocese coming together to do what we must.
COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)
Stewardship Matters | Mar 11, 2020
This is being written on March 11. The news is full of scary medical predictions, the store shelves are empty of toilet paper, and we’re all trying...