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Diocesan Announcements

Clergy ministry transitions
Announcement | Nov 2, 2020
Clergy arrivals, departures, ordinations and other transitions in 2020.
St. Paul's & Resurrection Church, Wood-Ridge
Announcement | Oct 27, 2020
The third BCEF call of 2020 is for stained glass window repair at St. Paul’s & Resurrection Church, Wood-Ridge.
Marge Christie
Announcement | Oct 15, 2020
At its October 14 meeting, Diocesan Council approved a second funding cycle of the Marge Christie Fund for 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Black Lives Matter
Announcement | Sep 23, 2020
One of the best things we can do – especially as white people – is to educate ourselves about the history of race in this country and come to...
Announcement | Sep 14, 2020
The 2021 budget process will follow the same process adopted by Diocesan Council for use in preparing previous budgets. This process allows...
Annual Giving Clinic
Announcement | Sep 8, 2020
Each parish-specific, one-hour session will provide Annual Giving (pledge) program feedback and counsel as parishes prepare for the upcoming fall...