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Diocesan Announcements

Clergy ministry transitions
Announcement | Sep 21, 2022
Clergy arrivals, departures, ordinations and other transitions in 2022.
St. Peter's, Essex Fells
Announcement | Sep 7, 2022
The second BCEF call of 2022 is for Hurricane Ida recovery at St. Peter's, Essex Fells.
Announcement | Aug 23, 2022
The 2023 budget process will follow the same process adopted by Diocesan Council for use in preparing previous budgets. This process allows...
Marge Christie
Announcement | Jul 5, 2022
The Diocesan Council and the Marge Christie Fund are pleased to announce an additional Cycle for A/V Support in 2022.
Diocesan Convention swag for sale plus free lawn signs
Announcement | Jul 5, 2022
It’s Summer and you can take your hallelujahs with you with Diocesan Convention-themed souvenirs. From the pew to the beach or stadium, be equipped...
Hallelujah Anyhow: 148th Annual Convention
Announcement | Jun 22, 2022
The offertory collection from the 148th Annual Diocesan Convention held at Calvary Church in Summit was split equally between our camp, Cross Roads...