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Diocesan Announcements

Clergy ministry transitions
Announcement | Feb 16, 2024
Clergy arrivals, departures, ordinations and other transitions in 2024.
Diocesan Announcement | Feb 2, 2024
On November 12, 2024, the Diocese will turn 150 years old having previously been a part of the Diocese of New Jersey. Our original name was the...
150th Annual Convention
Diocesan Announcement | Dec 11, 2023
The Bishop’s staff in conjunction with the convention Arrangements Committee and the Commission on Liturgy and Music invite you to start thinking...
Fourth BCEF Call of 2023: Community of St. John Baptist
Announcement | Dec 8, 2023
The fourth BCEF call of 2023 is to improve accessibility at the Community of St. John Baptist's Garden of Hope.
Announcement | Nov 15, 2023
As announced in October, the Strategic Visioning Team presented their recommendations to the diocese’s governing bodies. Diocesan Council has...
The seal of the Diocese of Newark
Diocesan Announcement | Nov 14, 2023
On November 2, 2023, Bishop Hughes appointed the Rev. Anne Kitch of St. Luke’s, Phillipsburg, as a Title IV Intake Officer for our diocese.