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Diocesan Journals

The Diocesan Journal is a compendium of all proceedings stemming from the Annual Diocesan Convention, including minutes of the Convention, resolutions, election results, and reports to the Convention. The Diocesan Journal also contains the Bishop’s Address on the state of the Diocese, the Annual Budget, and a list of all officers and board members (both elected and appointed.) Information and statistics for the year are also published, including parochial report data, canonical list of clergy and church leadership directories.

Beginning in 2013, an electronic journal for distribution has been added to eventually supplant the printed edition. Requirements by the The Episcopal Church still require a printed edition, so to facilitate production, but to limit expense, a limited number of journals are printed and archived with the Secretary of Convention. A limited number of copies are made available to lend for research, in our library we have bound editions dating back to the original Journal of the Diocese of New Jersey (our predecessor) and the Convention of 1785. Please contact John King, Secretary of Convention, for access to a hard copy.

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Jan 26, 2018