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Diocesan Convention

The 150th Annual Diocesan Convention will be held Friday and Saturday, November 8 and 9, 2024.

Convention will also be broadcast on the diocesan YouTube channel:

Convention Headlines

Convention Corner
May 15, 2024
As we prepare for the 150th Annual Diocesan Convention in November 2024, the Convention must elect individuals to various committees, and ratify...
Convention Corner
May 1, 2024
The 150th Annual Diocesan Convention will be held on November 8 and 9 of this year. While this is a departure from our familiar timing, it is a...
Convention Corner
April 17, 2024
Could you imagine waiting to the last minute to plan that dream vacation? Well, the Arrangements Committee can’t imagine waiting to the last minute...
Convention Corner
April 3, 2024
Picture it, Convention Marketplace 2024, a bustling room filled with various exhibitors and vendors. Clergy, deputies, and other attendees strolling...
Convention Corner
March 6, 2024
Do you have a member of your congregation that is great with technology? What about that person that is a rockstar in retail sales? God has blessed...
Convention Corner
February 21, 2024
A big change is coming to the Convention for youth this November! The introduction of technology to our voting system has caused a reduced amount of...