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Diocesan Convention

In light of the uncertainty of the pandemic, and with a strong desire that all churches' Deputies and Clergy can attend the 148th Annual Diocesan Convention in person, the Bishop postponed Convention until Saturday, May 7, 2022 at Calvary, Summit.

Convention will also be broadcast on the diocesan YouTube channel:


Convention Headlines

Bishop Carlye J. Hughes
May 11, 2022
Sometimes we get so caught up with our own needs being met at church that we forget that we're part of something bigger, says Bishop Hughes. And when...
Hallelujah Anyhow: The 148th Annual Diocesan Convention
May 10, 2022
Resolutions passed Resolution approving the Commemoration of Dr. Louie Crew Clay on November 27th each year, encouraging worshipping communities to...
Hallelujah Anyhow! The 148th Convention of the Diocese of Newark
May 10, 2022
Elections & Bishop’s Appointments ACTS VIM Board The Rev. Elizabeth Ivell – St. Peter's, Morristown (Clergy Class of 2025) Joy Manasse – St....
Hallelujah Anyhow: 148th Annual Convention
May 7, 2022
Watch Convention from gavel to gavel, 9 AM to approximately 4:15 PM.
Hallelujah Anyhow! The 148th Convention of the Diocese of Newark
April 8, 2022
At each Diocesan Convention we remember those who have served the Diocese of Newark or The Episcopal Church, and have died in the past year, with the...
Hallelujah Anyhow: The 148th Diocesan Convention
April 6, 2022
A feature of Diocesan Convention is the slideshow of announcements from congregations and associated organizations.
December 8, 2021
This presentation of the preliminary diocesan budget for 2022 was given by diocesan CFO Sam Reckford on December 8, 2021.