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Justice Ministries

In 2021, Bishop Hughes announced the formation of three new diocesan groups: the Racial History Committee, the Racial Justice and Healing Commission, and the Commission for Justice and Peace. These groups join the Anti-Racism Commission, formerly known as Namaste, in forming a fulsome approach to justice ministry in our diocese. In this video, the co-leaders of these four justice ministry groups provide an update, describing their purpose, their plans going forward, and how congregations can get involved and support their work. (Time: 6:55.)

Anti-Racism Commission

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The Commission provides a safe space for learning and skills development to equip congregations and individuals to:

  • Understand the origin, pervasiveness, and impact of racism,
  • Gain practice in speaking with honesty and vulnerability about the impact of racism in their life, and
  • Develop the commitment and a plan for tackling the issue of racism in their life and in their faith communities.

Commission for Justice and Peace

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The mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark’s Commission on Justice and Peace is to grow the Beloved Community, a community in which everyone is cared for absent of poverty, hunger and hate. The Commission will develop diocesan advocacy and resources that support the beloved community and address issues that challenge it.

Racial History Committee

Co-leaders: The Rev. Willie Smith and Melissa Bristol, Christ Church, Short Hills

The Racial History Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark gathers, preserves, and explores the stories, experiences, perspectives, and complexities of race relations between and among Episcopalians in northern New Jersey. Our principal focus is on the histories of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). We archive oral histories, writings, photographs, sermons, and similar materials from individuals and organizations throughout the Diocese of Newark and the Episcopal Church. The project seeks to gather this information, not only so that we may know and understand all of our histories, but also to acknowledge our own racism and individual prejudices in order to live our Baptismal vows “to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving one another as God loves us, and to strive for justice and peace among all people no matter of race or culture respecting the dignity of every human being.”

Racial Justice and Healing Commission

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The Vision of the Racial Justice and Healing Commission is to live in God's love by creating a beloved community where all people are valued and treated with dignity and respect as we strive for racial justice and healing.