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Diocesan Resolution 2013-02: A Call to Understand Wealth Disparity and the Future of the Diocese of Newark

RESOLVED, That this 139th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark encourage the Diocesan Council to hold two or more regional hearings before the 140th Convention to explore the significance of the disparity of wealth, its influence on the Church’s ability to worship and serve in local communities, and to shape and form the mission of the Church; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That a report on the results of these hearings be presented to the 140th Convention, with guidelines for how to proceed (or “go forward” – your option) as a Missional Church.

Submitted by:  The Rev. Geoff Curtiss, All Saints Hoboken; The Rev. Miguelina Howell, Church of the Epiphany, Orange; Ms. Laura Russel,. All Saints, Hoboken; The Rev. Canon Dr. Sandye Wilson, St. Andrew and Holy Communion, South Orange; The Rev. Manoj Zacharia, St. Paul's and Resurrection, Wood-Ridge

Supporting Information

Studies reveal that Americans have little idea how the wealth distribution concentrated. Similarly, there is a critical need for education within The Episcopal Church about how to respond to the significant disparity of wealth distribution.  This increasing disparity of wealth has a significant impact on our congregational life as well as on the vitality of The Episcopal Church, impacting both our spiritual and common life and forcing congregations in neighborhoods of declining wealth to undertake major cutbacks or even close ministries. Loss of self-sustaining congregations in many communities, particularly ethnic communities is evidence of this significant economics disparity in our communities.

Resource Date: 
Jan 26, 2013