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Diocesan Resolution 2012-03: Strengthening Our Companion Diocese Relationship

RESOLVED, That this 138th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark designate the month of May beginning in 2012, as an annual observance of the Newark/Panamá Companion Diocese Relationship and encourage the congregations, ministry teams, parochial schools and similar organizations in the Diocese to choose a day in May to celebrate our companion diocese relationship and to explore ways in which the congregation, ministry team, parochial school or a similar diocesan organization can strengthen our companion relationship to the benefit of the people of both dioceses.

Submitted by the Companion Diocese Committee: Ms. Kaileen Alston, The Rev. Pam Bakal, The Rev. John Perris, The Rev. Joseph Harmon; Ms. Martha Gardner, St. The Rev. Robert Griner, The Rev. Peter Jackson, The Rev. Canon Greg Jacobs, Mr. Bert Jones; Ms. Sylvia Montero, The Rev. Liz Ostuni, Ms. Martha Reiner

Supporting Information

It is our hope that by engaging in a conversation about our relationship with the diocese of Panamá we can explore the various possibilities of strengthening our relationship. Members of the Companion Diocese Committee stand willing and able to visit any congregation in the diocese to facilitate this conversation.

Resource Date: 
Jan 31, 2012