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Diocesan Resolution 2011-06: Justice Needs for Children

Resolved, That this 137th  Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark urge all congregations to discern the justice needs of children in their communitynot only their own children but also children in the larger community by the 138th Annual Convention.

Resolved, That the Justice Board of the Diocese of Newark and other appropriate committees provide resources and other support services for the congregations.

Submitted by the Justice Board:  The Reverend Diana Clark, Marge Christie, The Reverend Geoffrey Curtiss, Martha Gardner, Bert Jones, Laura Russell, Mary Sunden, The Reverend Canon Dr. Sandye Wilson, The Rev. Diane Riley, The Reverend Canon Greg Jacobs, Nina Nicholson and Michael Francaviglia.

Supporting Information:

The Bishop, in consultation with the Justice Board, has identified the support and protection of children as the primary focus for justice work in the Diocese of Newark. As the most vulnerable members of our communities, children are greatly affected by inequalities of justice. Given the diversity of socioeconomic backgrounds in northern New Jersey and depending upon individual circumstances, children can experience a wide variety of justice needs – for food and nutrition, for shelter, for education and/or for safety. As part of our common mission to engage the world, the Justice Board asks all congregations to discern the unique justice needs of the children in their communities.

Resource Date: 
Feb 2, 2011