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Diocesan Resolution 2023_AC149_02 A Resolution on Reducing Gun Violence and Praying for its Victims

RESOLVED, That the 149th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark urge our State and Federal legislators to promote policies that reduce gun violence and protect all residents of our state, and to pass common sense gun safety legislation that includes such things as:

  • Requiring new handgun models sold in the state to have childproofing features
  • Barring gun possession by people with felony convictions
  • Barring gun purchases by people with assault or other violent convictions
  • Requiring threat assessment programs to identify students at risk of violence
  • Having a dedicated office for gun violence prevention
  • Requiring law enforcement agencies to collect and report data on use of force incidents
  • Limiting qualified immunity for police officers
  • Requiring notice to law enforcement when a prohibited person tries to buy a gun
  • Requiring that all firearms are stored safely and securely locked; and be it further,

RESOLVED, that all congregations in the Diocese of Newark are urged to designate a regular Day of Mourning for Victims of Gun Violence (for example, during Holy Week), during which they would remember those who have died as a result of gun violence; pray for those who work in law enforcement; and pray for the end of mass shootings and gun violence; and be it further,

RESOLVED, that the Secretary of Convention be directed to submit a copy of this resolution to every State and Federal legislator whose jurisdiction falls within the Diocese of Newark; and be it further

RESOLVED, the Diocese encourages the faithful to consider whether those seeking elected office have hindered or been complicit in hindering the enactment of the recommendations herein, when exercising their right to vote.

See attachment for full text.

Resource Date: 
Feb 4, 2023