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Diocesan Resolution 2019_AC145_03 Supporting Transgendered People

RESOLVED, That this 145th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark affirm the actions of the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church regarding transgender rights, as adopted in resolutions C022 and C054, by the following:

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark reaffirms its support for the enactment of laws at the local, state and federal level that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or the expression of one’s gender identity;

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark supports legislative, educational, pastoral, liturgical, and broader communal efforts that seek to end the pattern of violence against transgender people in general and transgender women in particular, calling attention especially to the rising violence against transgender women of color and gender non-conforming people;

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark opposes all legislation that restricts public restroom, locker room and shower access for transgender and gender non-conforming people, recognizing that such bills disproportionately impact and contribute to a pattern of violence against transgender women and non-binary identified people;

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark urges  parishes to remove barriers to full participation in congregational life by making their gender-specific facilities and activities fully accessible to all, regardless of gender identity and expression;

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark advocates for passage of   legislation that protects transgender and gender non-conforming persons from discrimination; and

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark affirms the following guiding principles for the inclusion of transgender and non-binary people in their parishes, missions, schools and camps:

Guiding Principles for the Inclusion of Transgender and Non-Binary People in Dioceses, Parishes, Missions, Schools and Camps:

We believe that all people are created in the image of God and that all people are beloved children of God. Because this is true,

  1. We will protect the rights and respect the dignity of transgender and non-binary persons, refusing to reject, judge, abuse, belittle or in any way dehumanize them.
  2. We will engage the complex realities for transgender and non-binary persons in our churches, schools, and camps, and not yield to the temptation to ignore those realities.
  3. We will recognize and accept our responsibility to protect the privacy of transgender and non-binary persons.
  4. We will make decisions about how to support transgender and non-binary minors in our schools and camps in sensitive and appropriate communication with their parents.
  5. We will provide a safe environment for transgender and non-binary persons, for those who support them, and for those who do not understand our commitment to these principles.
  6. We will stay flexible in response to the complex and changing ramifications of this work by being open to relevant stories, to emerging information, and to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

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Feb 2, 2019