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Diocesan Resolution 2019_AC145_02 Recognizing and Ending Domestic Violence in our Congregations

RESOLVED, That this 145th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark affirm the action of the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church in adopting resolution D031 by affirming the following:

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark continue to speak out clearly against all forms of domestic violence as it has done in the past;

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark encourage Episcopal clergy and congregations to educate themselves on the widespread problem that domestic violence is in their churches, neighborhoods and beyond;

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark urge clergy and lay leadership to familiarize themselves with the international and multi-lingual resources provided by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, White Ribbon, and other local resources, as well as existing trainings developed for domestic violence prevention, and create procedures for supporting domestic violence survivors in their dioceses and congregations; and

That the Episcopal Diocese of Newark urge the Church at every level to examine its response to domestic violence, especially its response to survivors of domestic violence.

See attachment for full text.

Resource Date: 
Feb 2, 2019