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Registration Form - Churches

The Registration/Certification of Deputies form for the 142nd Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark is available in PDF format.  The purpose of this form is threefold.

1.  To LIST ALL deputies and alternates.
ALL elected deputies and alternates MUST be listed on this form whether they are attending convention or not.

2.   To CERTIFY deputies and alternates.
Properly signing this form and filling in the election date will certify listed deputies and alternates. Only those individuals who are certified on this form will be allowed to represent your church at convention.

3.  To REGISTER deputies and/or alternates who will attend convention.
Individuals who will attend convention on behalf of your church must be checked off as attending. A maximum of 3 lay deputies can be selected. Those 3 can be made up of any combination of lay deputies and/or alternates.

The second page of the Registration/Certification form has instructions and a checklist to follow when completing the form. Please use the checklist to fill out this form as accurately and completely as possible.

Please return by Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at the latest and enclose a check payable to the Diocese of Newark with $190 for each deputy attending convention (all meals are included in the fee), $50 for each Friday dinner guest, $30 for each Friday lunch guest, and $30 for each Saturday lunch guest.

Resource Date: 
Dec 11, 2015