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The "Geeks for God" are Diocesan staff members Nina Nicholson, Director of Communications & Technology and Randy Johnson, Administrator for Diocesan Ministries, and members of the diocesan Technology Committee.

Recipient of the 2015 Polly Bond Award of Merit from Episcopal Communicators for General Excellence: Blog.

“Whaling” email attacks: How to foil them
Posted by Nina Nicholson on June 27, 2019
You can’t stop the senders of “whaling” emails, but you can foil them by educating the potential recipients.
Make a New Year's resolution to review your church website
Posted by Jan Paxton on January 5, 2018
You’ve seen out 2017 and welcomed in 2018. This is a good time review your congregation’s website.
How does the new Google Calendar impact churches?
Posted by Tyler Stahl on December 5, 2017
Google is currently rolling out its updated Calendar for web, with significant changes to both appearance and functionality.
John Rollins
Posted by John Rollins on July 13, 2017
Every parish publication or website is made more interesting and inviting with good photos.
Episcopal Asset Map
Posted by Jan Paxton on June 19, 2017
Your congregation can increase its impact as an asset in the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement by participating in the Asset Mapping Project.
A guide to making quality church videos on a tight budget
Posted by Nina Nicholson on May 16, 2017
At the annual Episcopal Communicators Conference last month, I attended one workshop in particular that was so useful and informative I knew...
Where do I vote?
Posted by Nina Nicholson on November 2, 2016
I have some technology-related advice to prepare for Election Day: If you need to go online to look up directions to your polling place, or research...
John Rollins and Ken Boccino at the 1998 Diocesan Convention
Posted by Jan Paxton on October 17, 2016
In 1996, I wrote an article for The VOICE highlighting technology in the Diocese of Newark.
Video tutorial: Using the Newark list
Posted by Nina Nicholson on September 20, 2016
In the Geeks for God blog's first video tutorial, Nina Nicholson, diocesan Director of Communications & Technology, explains how to subscribe to...
Facebook impostor
Posted by Nina Nicholson on August 14, 2016
Early one morning before work, my phone buzzed with an alarming text message from Kay Lark, Bishop Beckwith’s Executive Assistant: “Nina it’s...