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Zoom webinar recording: What your church needs to live stream worship well

What your church needs to live stream worship well

In this Zoom webinar held on July 18, 2020, former NBC producer Allison Davis outlined what issues churches need to consider when putting services online, and what options are currently available in low-, medium-, and high-priced ranges for cameras, microphones, lighting and more. Allison is a member of the diocesan Technology Committee and serves on the vestry of St. Mark's, Teaneck.

Two handouts from the webinar are attached below for downloading.

Note: The video starts a few minutes into the webinar. Here's a summary of what was missed at the beginning:

  • The cameras in today's smartphones are superior to the television cameras used when Allison worked at NBC.
  • You can buy a used smartphone and use its camera and WiFi functions without having to pay to activate it as a phone.
  • For better sound you can plug an external microphone into the 3.5mm headphone jack on most smartphones. Current iPhones no longer have a headphone jack; some come with adapters, but if your iPhone did not, you can buy an adapter separately.
  • The video starts as Allison is explaining that smartphones used as cameras should not be held by hand (as with a selfie) but should be stabilized using a tabletop tripod, or a phone attachment to a standard tripod.

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