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Diocesan Memorial Wall

A holy place in virtual space for mourning and memory.

This is a place to gather, grieve, reflect and honor the lives of those who have died during the time of the Pandemic, whether or not it was due to the virus. Because we have been isolated, and unable to be with each other to provide comfort, care and support during this time, we offer this site as an ongoing memorial, gathering the names of the dead so that they are not forgotten. Here, we who mourn can cast our tears into God’s almighty and loving hands, whose own tears join ours, bringing us consolation, peace and hope.

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“Lament & Hope” by Colleen Hintz, 2020

Lament & Hope by Colleen Hintz, used with permission
This image is that of Father/Mother God looking at their own hands – hands that hold those who are dying, and those who are caring, and those who are working to keep us all fed, and those in detention, and so many more. The tears fall from his/her eyes and become part of the waters of life and the waters of death that surround us all right now. Within the waters, is light – the hope of what can be on the other side of this pandemic. As you look at the image, I invite you to see what you see through the lens of your own experiences, both before and within this pandemic. I hear strands of the hymn On Eagles Wings; “And hold you in the palm of God's hands,” as Mother/Father God holds the tears that are falling from God's own eyes – and ours – in the palm of her/his hands. I see the hands held in light – the light that surrounds the God image and cascades throughout the entire piece reminding us we are held in the light and love of God supported by the hands of those keeping us all safe – the doctors and nurses, custodians and clerks, pharmacists and respiratory therapists, grocery store workers and truck drivers, migrant farm workers and dairy producers, nursing home staffs and clergy and so many more all holding us in their light and love despite their own tears.

In Memoriam

Names are listed alphabetically.

No surname given

Carlos • Carmello • Chuck • Darnell • David • Janet's Dad • Jim • Marie • Mary • Rich • Steven • Susan • Thomas


Ada Acosta • Peter Altamura • Sharon Anderson • Sue Andiola • Irene Ansmann • Alayne Anthony • Ahmaud Arbury • Alton Avaloy • Olga Azzolini • Thomas Azzolini


J. Hugh “Hook” Bailey • Louis J. Barthelemy • Rev. Gioacchino Basile • William Baxter • Chris Beaty • Elsie Beckoff • Adel Bekhit • Frank Bernardo • Christopher Berry • Jeanette Besen • Edith Biondi • Jeffrey Orrin Blackwell • Charles Lindburgh Blackwell, Jr. • The Rev. Gary R. Blumer • John Anthony Bocchichio • Carol Ann Boccino • Patricia Bothwell • The Rev. Gladys Brinson • Rosemary “Rosie” Brome-McCollin • Millicent Brown • Calvert Buchanan • John Bullough


T. Donald Cairns • Chad Capule • Chef Floyd Cardoz • Gerald Carlson • Connie Castagna • Hector Castillo • Victor Cazares, Jr. • The Rev'd Ingrid Chance • Maria Francisca Chicas • David W. Christensen • Vito Ciccarrelli • Kathleen Cinotti • Norma Jean Clark • Lt. Michael Clegg • Sandra Cloud • Ruth Cohen • Candace Coleman • Joan Cousineau • Marialice “Mimi” Cruse


Robert Darragh • Roberta T. Dawson • Vincent John DeFilippo • Leroy Dennis • The Rev. Robert Keith “Tim” Dixon • David Dorn • Sara Ruth Dorn • Sarah Drake • Don D'Stefan • Shirley D'Stefan • William Porcher DuBose, Jr. • The Rev. Lorraine M. Dughi • Ray D'Uva


David Eddleman • Norman Elner Edman • Elizabeth Edwards • Holly Edwards • Ridge Edwards • Kevin Egan • Jonathan Elliott • Doris Ellis • Hank Esnes


John F. • Alyse Fane • Marge Farrell • The Rev. Thomas Otey Feamster, Jr. • Lunie Felix • Henry Figlewski • Virginia Flintall • George Floyd • Charlie D. Foster • Linnea “Lyn” Foster • Tom Fox • Keith Fragale • Iris Francis • Martin Francois • Diane Franzese • Marie Rebecca Freeman • Sandra M. Fulda • Joanne Karcher Furtrel


The Rev. James E. Gardner • William Gardner • Michele “Mike” Gargiulo • Rosa Gargiulo • Alice Gibson • Gilda Glazer • Jorge Gomez • Ofilia Gonzalez • Walter Gorzegno • Gregory Graham • Matthew Groszew • Jose Gutierrez


Frances (Fran) Mary Hager • Douglas Hammond • Haj Harirri • Marie Harkness • Anthony Harper • Javar Harrell • Anthony Denys Harris • Patricia A. Harris • Jimmy Hasenkamp • Mary Frances Haynes • Corvan Heffelfinger • Ruth Herrick • The Rev. Raynor Hesse • Allen Hinman • Cameron Holder • Edith Holiday • Wanda Hollenbeck • Nancy Holmes • Toni Holmes • Calvin Horton, Jr. • Julie Howard


Ellen Infante • Merrette Isador


Barbara Johantgen • Frances Jones • Myka Jones • Betty Jordain • Trish Jordain • Irma Schemitsch Jubilee • Veronica Jurasik


Larry Kaine • Baby Kinsley Kelly • Italia Kelly • Christopher Kennett • Elizabeth Goldsmith Kessler • Mary Elizabeth King • Sidney King • Jeffry Harrison Kittross • William Kruger • Don Kuhn • Chris Kuykendall


Cheri LaPelosa • James Layendecker • Dennis Leach • Tom Leonard • Paul C. Louis • Paul Christian Louis • Roberto Lumbao


John E. Macalla • Sister Jane Mankaa • James Manley • Priscilla Marra • Thomas F. Marrie, Sr. • Miriam L. “Mimi” Mason • Keigo Mastumura • Robert McAdams • Chef David McAtee • Virginia McCarthy • James McLoone • Cecelia Amy Coleman “Cissy” McGrath • Christopher McKenzie • Elizabeth Meier • Elizabeth “Bette” Mell • Peggy Mellors • John Middleton • John Middleton • Douglas Cristobal Miller • Stephen H. Miller • Rev. Dr. Ruth Mohring • Charles Astill Ludlow Mordecai • Bob Morris • Suzanne Henry Muller • Dorian Murrell


Shilpa Nair • Linda Lee Nazare • Daniel Nelson • Nathaniel Nelson • Karey Nick


The Rev. Richard N. Ottaway


Fr. Rogelio Panton • The Rev. Rogelio Panton • Jake Pass • Micca Patterson • William Payne • The Rev. Caroline Heath Pearce • Barry Perkins, III • Anastascio Victorino Petrona • Barbara Piccirillo • Andrew Pinder • The Rev. Gerard Alexander Pisani, Jr. • The Rev. Kenneth Alexis Polglase • Ronnie Pouch • Charles Powers • Lee Presby • Anna Prunkl


Marjorie S. Reinhard • Lily Repasch • Grace Repp • Beverly Rhinehart • Joyce Rickens • Millie Rios • Albert Rivera • Penelope “Penny” M. Roberts • Sgt. Charles E. “Rob” Roberts • John Roff • Audrey Elizabeth Roller • Elisa Cestaro Roman • Alfred Rundio


Inez Saley • Kunjamma Samuel • Margaret Schafetz • Teddy Schmidt • Bobby Scott • James Scurlock • Allan F. Seebach, Jr. • Agatha Selner • Rocco Sgarlato, Jr. • The Rev. Robert L. “Bob” Shearer • Lois Sherrer • Karl M. Shields • The Rev. Dr. Charles Wesley Shike • Jean Sickles • The Rev. Clarence William Sickles • Dennis R. Sigler • Joseph Simon • Andrew Edmund Slaby • Margaret “Peg” Slaven • Gail Annette Smith • Kelly Smith • Robert F. Solon • The Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong • Susan Stiles • Richard C. Stone, Jr • The Rev. Canon Jonathan Sung Ho Won


Breanna Taylor • Herbert D. Thomas • Theophilus “Theo” Thomas • The Venerable Trevor E. G. Thomas • Evelyn Thompson • Leo Toledo, Sr. • Luca Torterelli • Marquis Tousant • S. Gilmer “Gil” Towell • Sue Traub • Gail Tyson


Patrick Underwood


John Vaughan • Carol Rae Ventura • The Rev. Canon James D. Von Dreele


Candace Wagoner • Gary Walker • Diane Ward • Holli Wasser • Samuel D. Watson • Joan White • Troy Williams • Anne Cooke Wilson-Johnson • Russ Worthington • Glenys L. Wynne


Momoyo “Momo” Yamada • The Rev. Deacon Johanna Young


Robert Zeek • Barbara Zernike