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Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council acts as the Convention in the interim between meetings and is canonically responsible for long-range planning and determining program priorities.  The Council acting for Convention reviews and evaluates programs approved by Convention.

The Council membership includes the Bishop; the Secretary of Convention; the Treasurer of Convention; clergy and lay representatives from the ten districts; and bishop’s appointments.


The Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith, President

Mr. John King, Secretary

Mr. Sam Reckford, Treasurer

Ms. Diane Sammons, Esq., Chancellor

Mr. John C. Garde, Esq., Vice Chancellor

Steering Committee Members

The Rev. E. Michael Allen (District 10, 2021)

Mr. Robert Bogert (District 9, 2020)

The Rev. Diana Wilcox (District 5, 2021)

Members Elected by Districts

District 1:
The Rev. Margaret Otterburn (2018)
Mr. Dennis Piccirillo (2021)

District 2:
The Rev. Deacon Nancy Hansen (2021)
Ms. Lynn B. Tyler (2020)

District 3:
The Rev. Susan Sica (2019)
vacancy (2019)

District 4:
The Rev. Nathan G. Huddleston (2019)
Mrs. Sheila Barcus (2019)

District 5:
The Rev. Diana Wilcox (2021)
Mr. Stuart Christie (2020) 

District 6:
The Rev. Juan Rosario De La Cruz (2019)
Ms. Kathleen Simon (2020)

District 7:
vacancy (2020)
Ms. Debra M. Cook (2021)

District 8:
vacancy (2019)
Mrs. Elizabeth Rundquist (2019)

District 9:
The Rev. William Allport (2021)
Mr. Robert Bogert (2020)

District 10:
The Rev. E. Michael Allen (2021)
Dr. Susan Godar (2020)

Bishop's Appointments

Mr. Dale Ellis (2019)

Mr. Tim Wong (2019)

The Rev. Tim Carr (2020)

Ms. Carol Harrison-Arnold (2020)

Mr. Bert Jones (2021) 

Ms. Sue Morgan (2021)

Staff Resources

The Rev. Sheelagh A. Clarke, Interim Coordinator for Youth & Young Ministries

The Rev. Ginny Dinsmore, Coordinator for Missional Church Strategy

The Rev. Canon Greg Jacobs, Canon to the Ordinary & Chief of Staff

Ms. Kay Lark, Bishop's Executive Assistant

Ms. Nina Nicholson, Director of Communications & Technology

Ms. Suzanne Willian, Advisor to the Bishop for Development