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Standing Committee

The Standing Committee in January 2017

The Standing Committee in January 2017, l-r: the Rev. Mary Davis, the Rev. Joseph Harmon, Brenda Sherman, Chancellor Diane Sammons, Esq., the Rev. John Mennell, the Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith, the Rev. Deacon Chris McCloud, Namoi Horsky, Patrice Henderson, Robert Simmons.

Comprised of 4 Laity & 4 Clergy, elected to serve a 4 year term. Not to be elected to more than two full terms in succession. Vacancies may be filled by the Standing Committee between Conventions. (Article IV of Constitution)


Class of 2021

The Rev. John Mennell (1st full term),

Wendy Drake-Schneider (1st term)

Class of 2020

The Rev. Mary E. Davis (1st term),

Ms. Brenda Sherman (1st term),

Class of 2019

The Rev. Deacon Chris McCloud (1st term - elected Jan. 2016),

Ms. Patrice Henderson (1st term),

Class of 2018

The Rev. Joseph Harmon (1st term - elected Jan. 2016),

Ms. Naomi Horsky (1st term),