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Safe Church Training

Safe Church training is grounded in our call to seek and serve Christ in all persons and respect the dignity of every human being. We are called to receive, nurture and treasure each person as a gift from God. As a diocese with congregations, schools, programs and many activities, we are called to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children, youth and adults to learn and grow in the love of Jesus Christ. To that end, we are committed to making every effort to keep our people safe from sexual abuse.

We have several programs available to educate and raise awareness of sexual abuse of children and youth as well as preventing sexual harassment and exploitation of adults. All of these resources are available free of charge to all congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark.

Who needs to have taken the Safeguarding Online program or its equivalent within the past five years?

Current policy adopted by Diocesan Council requires that all clergy, diocesan employees and chaperones for diocesan events involving children and youth need to be up to date with the Safeguarding God's Children program.

Because ACTS/VIM and JCAM both fund programs for children and youth, these groups have made it a requirement that in order to release funds, all adults working with children and youth in ACTS/VIM or JCAM funded programs also need to be up to date with the Safeguarding God's Children program.

Likewise, because the Church Website Project uses diocesan funds to promote churches on the World Wide Web, the Leadership Team of Episcopal House has made it a requirement that these churches insure they are taking every step possible to make their congregation a safe place, by requiring their staff and all volunteers who are working with or supervising children or youth in the congregational setting, as well as their clergy, to be up to date with the Safeguarding God's Children program.

To offer online training for:

Safeguarding God’s Children - Child Abuse Awareness (2 modules) - Required for diocesan personnel, including lay employees and volunteers who regularly work with or around children and youth and employees who chaperone diocesan youth events. It is highly recommended for all church personnel, including lay employees and volunteers who regularly work with and around children and youth.

  • Safe Church, Safe Communities: Abuse & Neglect
  •  Diocesan policies

Note: “Safe Church, Safe Communities: Abuse & Neglect” replaces the following courses that were previously required for Safeguarding God’s Children: “Meet Sam,” “It Happened to Me,” “Keeping Your Church Safe.

Safeguarding God’s People - Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Exploitation (4 modules) - Required for diocesan personnel, clergy and persons who have pastoral relationships (Eucharistic Visitors)

  • Preventing Sexual Exploitation – for Congregations
  • Preventing Sexual Exploitation – for Ministries
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment - for Workers
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment - for Managers and Supervisors

Please have your clergy or wardens identify an individual who will act as the administrator of the online program. This person will be responsible for registering participants and monitoring compliance. Then notify Randy Johnson, at He will communicate with the administrator with instructions and support material to get started.

To borrow a kit to provide in-person training:

Please contact Randy Johnson. The Bishop Anand Resource Center at Episcopal House, 31 Mulberry Street in Newark has the following kits that can be borrowed:

  • Safeguarding God’s Children – for Parents and Congregations
  • Safeguarding God’s Children –for Ministries
  • Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment of Church Workers