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A Vision for the Diocese of Newark

We are called to be passionate disciples of Jesus, living in covenant with each other and God, fully equipped, empowered and engaged to undertake God’s mission in the world.

As communities of the faithful, we serve as beacons of hope and justice in our cities, towns and villages, planted and rooted in Northern New Jersey, stretching from the Delaware Water Gap to the Hudson River; from High Point to Route 78.

We are called to be a Covenant People who embrace the richness and beauty of worship that knows no confines other than the Holy, joined together by our fierce love for one another and sharing a Common Prayer.

Drawing on the genius of our Anglican tradition and its incredible resources for movement and language, music and color, symbol and sacrament, we create worship experiences that take peoples’ breath away and mystery that invites transformation.

Knowing that how we worship determines our future, we dare to bring the altar out into the world.

We are called to step out in audacious faith, spiritually formed by a rule of life that resonates with God’s promises, empowering people to become alive and confident in their faith.

Following the example of Christ we joyfully and fearlessly bear witness to God’s story and our own.

Forever seeking new venues in which to proclaim the Gospel, we dare to cross the invisible barriers in our communities and venture into places where we are not expected – indeed, where we are not even welcomed – to be seed throwers, fire starters, hope peddlers, risk takers and dreamers on behalf of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We are called to enter into the ever flowing stream of God’s justice, emboldened by the Holy Spirit to claim the Gospel, which calls us to stand up and speak up wherever we encounter injustice against both humankind and this earth.

We call upon our own communities and the world to challenge and repent of the false gods that enslave the soul in sin, create social structures of oppression, and tempt us away from fulfilling the spirit of “Ubuntu” – an interconnected world in which “I am because you are.”

Cherishing God’s gift of creation, we strive against the temptations of over-consumption and waste that oppress nature in the name of progress, devastate whole regions, and destroy species.

We dare to speak of God in an increasingly secular world, sharing the wisdom of scripture and telling our stories of God’s grace, love and justice in our lives.

We are called to practice radical hospitality and live into God’s abundant future, celebrating the many talents with which God has endowed each of us.

We seek out and dare to embrace the “Other,” inviting them in, listening to their stories, seeking to be transformed by their presence among us, so that we are all brought deeper into relationship with God.

Embodying an ever-widening circle of concern for the Stranger, the Forgotten and the Outcast, we work to level the playing field, transcending differences, prejudices and misunderstandings.

In faithful response to God’s leading us beyond what we ever thought was possible, we recognize the need for institutional reformation that will incarnate Christ’s holy mission for our times.

Resource Date: 
Jul 30, 2010