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Diocesan Policy for Appropriate Use of Alcohol at Church Functions

This diocesan policy was established by Diocesan Convention, 1982.

  1. Always have an alternative beverage, served as attractively and be as available as alcohol.
  2. When a charge is made for alcohol, a lesser charge should be made for non-alcoholic drinks.
  3. Food should always be served with alcohol.
  4. All beverages should be identified clearly as to "with" or "without" alcohol and drinks should not be "spiked."
  5. Alcohol should not be served at meetings.
  6. It should not be assumed that all church social functions automatically include alcohol, or that alcohol is permitted (i.e. work parties, dinners, picnics).
  7. It is inappropriate to urge or persuade persons to drink alcohol.
  8. Alcohol should not be served during Lent and Advent on church premises.
  9. Alcohol used in food preparation should be clearly identified and alternatives should be available, according to guideline No. 1.
  10. Time limits should be set and obeyed when serving alcohol at church functions (i.e. wine during the meal).
  11. It is inappropriate to advertise alcohol at church functions as a "lure."
  12. Alcohol should not be served to or by persons under age 21.
Resource Date: 
Jan 30, 1982