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Soldwedel, The Rev. Deacon Erik G.

The Rev. Deacon Erik G. Soldwedel
The Rev. Deacon Erik G. Soldwedel
Deacon in Residence, St. Paul's, Paterson; Deacon, St. Clement's, Hawthorne
Mailing Address: 
275 Lafayette Avenue
Hawthorne , NJ 07506 ,

973-944-3373 (H)
201-788-3407 (C)

Other Information:
Spouse: Linda Aprile-Soldwedel

Standing for election to this office at the next Convention: 
Trustees Class of 2027

I am a cradle Episcopalian of our beloved Diocese of Newark. Previous service on Diocesan Council and Steering Committee. I currently serve as Trustee of the Diocese Class of 2022. My work has been focused on property sales and maintenance, and ways to assist congregations utilizing our assets. I have consulted with over 50 congregations in ministry planning; Mutual Ministry Reviews; Retreats; Priest Search and Conflict Resolution. Former member of Diocesan Staff. Current Cathedral Chapter Trustee. I serve as interim clergy for two different congregations. I know our diocese well and I am seeking another term as a Trustee in the hope that the Canonical change is affirmed by this convention permitting an immediate consecutive term.