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Responsibilities of a Priest in the Diocese of Newark

It is the calling of the priest to “proclaim by word and deed the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to fashion [one’s] life in accordance with its precepts.” Book of Common Prayer (BCP 531). Desiring that clergy fully and faithfully live into those ordination vows and the canons of The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Newark , this diocese seeks to insure that each of its presbyters engages in an active, balanced, and healthy ministry and personal life.

Every priest should faithfully live into his/her vows to be “a faithful pastor to all whom [he/she] is called to serve” and “to pattern [his/her] life (and that of his/her family, household or community) in accordance with the teachings of Christ, so that [he/she] is a wholesome example to [the] people” (BCP 532). To that end, the following expectations for priests in this Diocese are provided.

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Nov 1, 2011