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Benefits & Enrollment

Information for active clergy and lay employees of the Diocese of Newark. Retired clergy should contact the Diocesan Benefits Administrator directly.

2019 Annual Enrollment for active employees

Annual Enrollment for 2019 health insurance plans begins on Monday, October 15 and runs through Friday, November 2, 2018. Annual Enrollment is the once-a-year opportunity for eligible clergy and lay employees to review options, enroll in or change medical or dental coverage, add or remove eligible dependents, and verify contact information (even if coverage is not changing). It's also a good time to ask any questions about plan changes or about benefits.

Two of our most heavily utilized medical plan options for this year (Anthem BCBS PPO 80/60 and CIGNA Open Access Plus In-Network) will not be offered in 2019. For enrollees in these plans, a new plan must be chosen from the options below. For 2019, the eight (8) medical insurance plans offered by the Diocese of Newark will be:

  • CIGNA Open Access PPO 90
  • Anthem BCBS PPO 90
  • CIGNA Open Access PPO 80
  • Anthem BCBS PPO 80
  • CIGNA Consumer-Directed Health Plan 20/HSA*
  • Anthem BCBS Consumer-Directed Health Plan 20/HSA*
  • CIGNA Consumer-Directed Health Plan 15/HSA*
  • Anthem BCBS Consumer-Directed Health Plan 15/HSA*

*These are high-deductible health plans. To learn more about how they work and their benefits, please visit CDHP/HSA (Consumer-Directed Health Plan /Health Savings Account) on the CPG website. Scroll down and click on the link 2019 CDHP/HSA Benefits - Member Education Webinar (under the heading "Download") to view an educational video about these plans.

Dental plans

There will be no change to the offered dental plans in 2019. We will still offer through Cigna Dental PPO the Preventative plan, the Basic plan and the Dental & Orthodontia plan. These plans should also be reviewed to ensure that you are not selecting a plan that offers more coverage that you need or will use.

Do your homework

As you consider your plan choices for next year, one helpful way to compare plans will be a webinar hosted by the Medical Trust which will be held on Friday, October 26. Find out more.

Also, you might wish to call the offices of your health providers and ask which plans they accept. Often, you will find out that your physicians have preferences and could save you money. It will take some time, but could be well worth the effort with lower costs. In fact, it’s in everyone’s interest to check with their health providers on preferred plans.

Enrollment for current members

To access your personal annual enrollment information, you will use the same user name and password that you created previously to access your benefits and enrollment information on the MyCPG Accounts webpage. To review your information and make your selection:

  • Go to:
  • Login to your account using your previously created User ID and password
  • Follow the instruction to complete your AE

If you do not know your Client ID number, please call the CPG Client Services Team at 800-480-9967, Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-8 PM ET (excluding holidays). Or, email

Not a member and want to enroll?

You will not receive a letter from the Medical Trust, so please contact Leslie Thomas, Diocesan Benefits Administrator, to request an enrollment form and a copy of the Summaries of Benefits and Coverage and other important notices or to ask any questions.

Congregations are required to provide health insurance through the Episcopal Church Medical Trust to all paid clergy and all lay employees scheduled to work 1,500 hours per year (approximately 30 hours per week).*

  • All eligible clergy and lay employees currently enrolled in one of the Diocesan Health Plans administered through the Medical Trust, will receive by US mail an Annual Enrollment packet that outlines the process to choose medical and dental plans for 2017. Letters will be sent directly to members by the Medical Trust, so watch your mail. These letters will contain information and resources to make the selection process easy for you to complete online. Take a few moments to carefully read the entire packet. Remember that Annual Enrollment is October 15 - November 2, 2018, for coverage starting January 1, 2019.

  • Clergy and/or lay employees who are newly eligible and not currently enrolled in a Medical Trust plan will not receive this mailing. To initiate the enrollment process, they should instead contact Leslie Thomas, Diocesan Benefits Administrator, at 973-430-9981 or

  • Clergy and lay employees who choose to “opt-out” of coverage at the congregational level must certify that comparable alternate coverage is in place through a spouse or alternate employer.

*If you are a clergy person or a lay employee who believes you are eligible for health insurance coverage but it is not being provided, please contact the Benefits Ombudsmen Committee. The committee members are The Rev. Vicky McGrath (; John Niles ( and Patricia Bradley (