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Is your church's banner ready for the 150th Convention Banner Parade?

150th Annual Convention

The Bishop’s staff in conjunction with the convention Arrangements Committee and the Commission on Liturgy and Music invite you to start thinking about our 150th Convention Banner Parade. (Time: 1:58.)

Video Transcript

We are the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, a colorful mosaic of history, ministry and faith in northern NJ. In about 11 months, we’ll be gathering to celebrate our 150th birthday, a celebration that is bound to be grand. What better way to show our colors than to actually show our colors. All of them. En masse at Convention. Our 150th diocesan convention, taking place November 8-9, 2024. Where once we were virtual, we will now be actually, physically gathering in a festive parade of our colors through our banner procession. Our hope is that we have ALL our churches represented at Convention!

Is your church banner ready for the spotlight? Maybe yours is in need of repair. Maybe you need a new banner. Perhaps your banner is ready, but you need a new pole for it or a new stand for that pole. In any case, now is the time to take stock of our banners and their accessories. It’s time to get to work on cleaning, the ironing, repairs and replacements. These things take time, and 11 months may seem like adequate time, but is it? Maybe not. The time to think about preparation is now. Do you need assistance in getting those repairs made, please contact Jane Jubilee at Episcopal House by dialing (973) 430-9902 or via email at

We’ll share our resources for construction of new banners or the repair of old ones. Our dream is a parade of banners at our 150th convention that represents all our congregations. This is a dream that can really come true. Why? Because we are the Episcopal Diocese of Newark. 150 years strong.