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Who will you celebrate?

Photo from the last in-person Hegg Awards, in 2019. RUSS WORTHINGTON PHOTO
Cynthia McChesney, Missioner for Stewardship and Legacy Giving
Photo from the last in-person Hegg Awards, in 2019. RUSS WORTHINGTON PHOTO

Who will your congregation lift up in celebration at 3 PM on June 13th?

That's the date and time of the 24th Annual David P. Hegg II Lifetime Achievement Awards, brought to you by Bishop Hughes and Senior Ministries of the Diocese of Newark. The award is given to Episcopalians 60 years old and older whose parish feels they should be recognized for what they have done--and continue to do--throughout our diocese and beyond.

Honoring folks for the work they've done? That's Stewardship!

This year, even more can participate because the 2021 Hegg Awards will be held 100% online and broadcast on the diocesan YouTube channel on Sunday, June 13 at 3 PM.

This event is a wonderful opportunity for each congregation to recognize and express appreciation to members who have served and continue to serve diligently and faithfully over the years. Churches may honor up to four individuals based on these guidelines:

  • Age 60 or older;
  • A long-standing, active member of your parish or mission;
  • Has made contributions to the ministry of your congregation and/or our diocese.

You can submit up to four names; all will be honored. Click here for the online registration form. All churches in the diocese are invited to participate and in fact, in recent years, this event has grown into the second-largest annual gathering of Episcopalians across the diocese, second only to Convention!

Still on the fence about participating? Your church's participation is a public act of Stewardship -- an act that shows recognition and appreciation of parishioners who've done so much for our churches over the years. Let's show our gratitude!

Again, it's easy to participate. Submit your names, save the date on your calendar, and talk it up!

Curious about who in your parish has been honored in the past? Click here.

In gratitude,
Cynthia McChesney
Missioner for Stewardship and Legacy Giving • 973-430-9909