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What happened to the old website, and how do I find things on the new one???

Nina Nicholson, Director of Communications & Technology

Welcome to the new Diocese of Newark website! In addition to being redesigned with a cleaner look, most of the site has been recreated from the ground up with Drupal, an open-source content management system. This transition makes the website much easier to update – which will make it more dynamic and lead to a greater variety of news and features. Here’s how to find your way around:

The Main Menu

When you’re on a new page, you will see a drop-down main menu at the top.

For your convenience, the same menu is also displayed in full at the bottom of each new page.

The pages listed in the main menu are those of interest to both diocesan members and the general public. They include a section for Bishop Beckwith (including his blog and visitation schedule), Ministries, Events, News & Media (all of our publications plus a new page, In the News, listing all articles published online) and Diocesan Directories.

There’s also a short menu at the very top of each page, by the search box, which lists four frequently accessed pages: Contact Us, Directions, Calendar, Find a Church.

The Front Page

The “front” page you see when you land on is designed to tell the story of who we are as a diocese, listing articles, events and Bishop’s blog posts that are of interest to both diocesan members and the general public.

The image slideshow rotates through a display of featured items. Hover your mouse over the image to pause the display, or click on the numbers at the bottom to jump to a different slide. Or just let it run – it changes slides automatically.

The Diocesan Administration Page

When you need to find information that’s usually of interest only to diocesan members – the administrative information that helps clergy and lay leaders do their jobs – click on Diocesan Administration in the main menu.

The Diocesan Administration page has a menu in the left sidebar which lists everything you can access from this page. For the moment most of these pages are still in their old format.

The Diocesan Administration page also displays diocesan announcements in the center and a “Week at a Glance” column on the right which shows everything on the diocesan calendar for the next seven days.

Social Media

All the articles, events and Bishop’s blog posts have a Facebook “Like” button at the bottom. If you like something you see, please click it! Next to the “Like” button are other buttons to post an item to Facebook or Twitter, email it, print it or bookmark the page.

Clergy headshots and church photos

Clergy will notice that the new Clergy Directory includes headshots. These were collected from church websites. If your entry doesn’t have a photo, or if you want to use a different one, just send it to me! (If you prefer not to have a photo with your entry, please let me know that too.) Also, photos can be added to church directory entries (see as an example) so again, if you want to post one, please send it. (Note: In both cases, it’s best to send the original, unedited JPG file as it came off the camera.)

A note about old pages still on the new website

All of the pages still in the old format will be upgraded to the new as soon as possible – thank you for your patience as we do this work. For old pages with a menu in the left sidebar, that menu has been modified to correspond as closely as is reasonably possible to the new page navigation.

Help, I can’t find what I’m looking for!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you click on a link and get “page not found,” please let me know. The old website has been archived in its entirety, so if something turns up missing, not to worry – it can be made available quickly.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen!

I’d like to thank the following people, who diligently and cheerfully assisted with migrating website content from the old format to the new, and checking it for correctness: Randy Johnson and Michael Francaviglia (diocesan staff), John Rollins, Jan Paxton and Steven Boston (Technology Committee) and Carrie Cabush (summer intern).

I hope you have fun exploring the new website and that you find it attractive, useful and easy to navigate. Old pages will be updated and new content will be added frequently, so visit it often!