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We want your congregation to be part of Mission Minutes 2020!

Behold God's Gifts - Become God's Steward
Nina Nicholson, Director of Communications

Mission Minutes are short videos (usually about 5 minutes) shown at Diocesan Convention to share stories from our congregations about how they are engaging in God's ministry. (You can see previous Mission Minutes from 2010-2019 here.)

The theme for our 2020 Convention is Behold God's Gifts, Become God's Steward, which lends itself to several opportunities to be part of Mission Minutes.

Opportunity #1: Show us, with a photo and caption, what does your congregation claim as a gift from God?

God's gifts are generous, so we hope that ALL our congregations will be part of this Mission Minute. Perhaps your congregation has a gift that is tangible - a church building in a great location making it ideal to host multiple ministries, for example. Or perhaps it's a gift that is intangible - say, a group of people with the right mix of talents happen to coalesce just when their talents are needed to minister to a specific need in your community.

Whatever you see as one of your congregation's gifts, send us a photo and a brief caption to be included in this Mission Minute.

Opportunity #2: Do you have a story to tell about how your congregation recognized and took care of one of its gifts - in other words, stewarded that gift - so that that gift began to bless people outside your congregation? If so, we want to hear about that story.

Opportunity #3: We also focused on gifts at the 2019 Convention, with exercises around the theme of Gifted, Called, Sent. Did your deputies bring these exercises back to your congregation? Did this lead to any transformative, "ah ha!" moments? If so, we want to hear those stories as well.

How to be included in Mission Minutes

The deadline to submit photos, captions, and stories for considerations is Friday, Dec. 13. Submissions should be emailed to

Photos must be the highest resolution available – preferably the original, unedited .JPG file (I can do any necessary photoshopping to make them look their best). Horizontal layout works better than vertical.

Questions? Please contact Nina Nicholson, Director of Communications, at