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Volunteers needed to help with diocesan archives

Volunteers needed

Are you interested in volunteering some time from your own home to assist the Diocese of Newark in maintaining our historical archives?

As we prepare to move to our new headquarters, John King is organizing and digitizing archival materials. This includes The Newark Churchman, the predecessor to The VOICE and The VOICE Online, with over 400 issues published from 1905 – 1977. We are attempting to create an online library of The Newark Churchman that will be accessible to the entire diocese.

We need individuals who are interested in reviewing the issues online and cataloguing the churches, committees and individuals mentioned in the articles. This will help us create an index of articles so we can locate information when the need arises.

The diocesan archives, from the news articles to minutes from various committees and governing bodies, help establish the narrative of events that we have undertaken in our diocesan life. Cataloguing those pieces of information helps us establish a better understanding of those decisions and their impact.

All you need is a computer and an interest in reading about our diocese. John King will provide a template to catalogue the churches, committees and individuals mentioned in the articles in each issue.

John hopes to have enough interested volunteers to divvy up the project among multiple people and lighten the load for everyone. Please respond to John with your willingness to participate by Friday, September 22 at

Do you have copies of these missing issues of The Newark Churchman?

In an effort to digitize The Newark Churchman, we are looking for a number of missing issues. If any individuals or churches have copies of the following issues, please contact John King.

1957 – September (#330)
1958 – January & September (#334 & #340)
1959 – January & February (#344 & #345)
1960 – June through December (#359, #360, #361, #362, #363)*
1961 – January through April (#364, #365, #366, #367)*
1962 – January & February (#371, #372)
1963 – June & October (#386, #387)
1964 – April (#393)

*The numbering system for issues had a few irregularities at various times, so some sequences are repetitive. There may have been gaps in publication schedules or numbers may have simply not been updated accordingly. These numbers are best approximations, based on existing issues.