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Video: Newark Episcopal Women's Commission Breakfast Speaker, Ann Smith

Caroline Christie

"Co-Creators of The New" - A conversation about personal, community and institutional hope, creativity and change with Ann Smith, guest speaker at the Newark Episcopal Women's Commission breakfast on January 28, 2012.

Many of us may remember Ann Smith from her years at the Women's Desk at the Episcopal Church Center. She is co-founder of Circle Connections and a circle mentor, educator, consultant, professional speaker, creator of circle leadership programs and trainer of trainers, and author of Stories from the Circle, WomenPrints and Dear Ann Column for Peace X Peace.

Ann speaks about the work of rediscovering our greater calling to an abundance of imagination and productivity; how it is we create heart-centered communities of incarnate love where everyone is inspired to participate and everyone’s contribution is honored and respected; and institutional structures that empower and build bridges between the old and the new.

Time: 40:47.