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Update from the Standing Committee on the Bishop Transition

Search for the XI Bishop of Newark

The Standing Committee is prayerfully engaged in the work of helping the Diocese of Newark call its next Bishop. Last week the committee met with the Rt. Rev. Clayton Mathews, who provides guidance on the Best Practices used in The Episcopal Church.

Canonically, the Standing Committee has the responsibility to oversee the process of transitioning from one bishop to the next. The first work of the committee will be to prayerfully engage scripture and tradition to better reflect upon and understand the task at hand. The Standing Committee will likely engage a consultant from The Episcopal Church to offer guidance throughout the process, which will culminate in the planned ordination of the XI Bishop Of Newark on September 22, 2018.

The next task of the Standing Committee will be to form two committees: a Search/Nominating Committee to write a diocesan profile and identify candidates to stand for election; and a Transition Committee to oversee the details of the election process and support Bishop Beckwith and the bishop-elect with their transitions.

Both committees will have between 11 and 17 people. The Standing Committee is looking to develop a process that will get input from the Districts about those interested and willing to serve. The final make-up of the committees, and their chair persons and chaplain, will be determined by the Standing Committee with a desire to embrace the full diversity of the Diocese of Newark.

Please keep the Diocese and Bishop Beckwith in your prayers as we enter this new phase of joining God in shaping our future.

Naomi Horsky, President
The Rev. John Mennell, Vice President
The Standing Committee