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Two new diocesan staff members: Sam Reckford and the Rev. Sheelagh Clarke

Sam Reckford and the Rev. Sheelagh Clarke

Within the next two months, Episcopal House will welcome two new members to diocesan staff. On August 7, Sam Reckford will start as the new Chief Financial Officer. On September 1, the Rev. Sheelagh Clarke will come on board as Interim Coordinator for Youth & Young Adult Ministries.

Sam Reckford

A member of Christ Church, Short Hills with a background in finance, Sam will succeed Paul Shackford, who is retiring after serving as diocesan CFO since 2011. Like Paul, Sam will be responsible for providing financial and other support to the various governing organizations in the diocese, as well as to congregations and individuals. He will also serve as a member of the Fund Development Committee, be involved in diocesan and congregational stewardship efforts, and work together with others in our diocesan Joining God in Shaping Our Future efforts.

Sam has served Christ Church in many roles including Warden (2012-2016) and Chair of both the Audit and Investment Committees. He is one of many CCSH members to complete the Education for Ministry program.

Paul will work with Sam to ensure a smooth transition.

The Rev. Sheelagh Clarke

Sheelagh will bring to diocesan staff her background in family and organizational systems, as well as youth and young adult ministry, as we spend the next year evaluating and planning for the future of this important facet of God’s work in the diocese. Her responsibilities will include assisting in the establishment of a "Youth Council" of diocesan youth leaders and facilitating relationships with other church youth-related entities; visiting congregations, listening to youth and young adults and helping them engage in the ongoing journey of Joining God in Shaping Our Future; and providing resources and connections to support and energize congregation youth ministries.

Sheelagh is on the steering committee of Diocesan Council, and serves as a coach for a clergy cohort involved in Joining God in Shaping Our Future. In August she will be stepping down as Rector of St. Stephen’s, Millburn, where she has served for the past six years.

Please join us in welcoming Sheelagh and Sam to the diocesan staff!