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'Twas 3 Weeks Before Christmas

‘Twas 3 Weeks Before Christmas

Hello Friends,

Last week's newsletter was all about the need to do follow up with folks who hadn't gotten their pledges in yet. While I wouldn't normally send out another newsletter just a week later, I have to share the creative way Saint James in Upper Montclair is handling their follow up. Martha Boughner, Stewardship Chair and Vestry member (and poet!) shared this poem, which is sent out as an email and read aloud during Announcements...

‘Twas three weeks before Christmas
And all through the church,
There were all kinds of stirrings---
We're all on a search!

Have we lost your pledge card?
Have you? Did your kid?
The treasurer's waiting,
He's scratching his head!

Most traditions of Christmas
Are happening still---
By zoom, on the lawn,
We can do it...we will!

We thank God for you,
And your love for St. James.
We know you'll support us...
We're calling your names!

We'll make it real easy,
If you need a new card,
See me after the service,
And it won’t be so hard!

It can be even easier,
By clicking you can
Send your pledge in by email,
And we'll be your biggest fan!

Please pledge is etched in stone...just do what's comfortable to you now...and it can be adjusted later, if necessary. We just want your participation!

Blessings from the Poet,

Martha Boughner
Stewardship Chairperson, Saint James in Montclair