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Stewardship Matters: Updated List of Stewardship Tools

Stewardship Tools
Cynthia McChesney, Missioner for Stewardship and Legacy Giving

PROJECT RESOURCE – have you signed up yet? The Bishop's Office has partnered with the College for Bishops to bring you PROJECT RESOURCE, powerful Stewardship training to set churches up for success this fall (more information here). Beginning September 8th, this intensive, five-week, customized conference will be held online via Zoom. We're offering this 100% free to you, which means that all costs for speakers, materials, and follow-up coaching to participants after the course trainings are covered. You do need to register to attend, and there are limited slots available so don't miss out! Click here to register today.

TENS, The Episcopal Network for Stewardship 2021 pledge materials are available TENS offers webinars and pledge materials to help prepare lay and clergy stewardship leaders for pledge campaigns and to talk about year-round stewardship. Link to the 2021 materials here. All congregations are members of TENS through the Diocese. To access TENS full materials, go to the website and use the diocesan password: James1:17.

Upgrade your digital giving options this summer! Vanco ( is our preferred provider for online giving. Churches in the Diocese have access through Vanco to a preferred pricing plan which includes no monthly fee. And Vanco's now offering a free upgrade that brings your website's giving page to life. Interested? Reach out to Peter Johnson, Sr. Giving Sales Advisor at Vanco,; phone: 952.352.8136.

Video Courses created just for you: We recently launched an educational site that features video courses available 24/7 for free to anyone in the Diocese. Check out the newest videos available including courses on Finance 101, and preparing for your fall campaign. To access these free video courses, click on the coupon link below or paste it into your web browser and follow the prompts:

Stewardship resources on the website. Many resources are available to you in the Stewardship section of the Diocesan website. You'll find a link to our page under "Congregations and Clergy" on the home page, or just go straight here: There are all sorts of previously published resources there including articles and resources, copies of presentations, and workbooks on topics like Asset Mapping, Spiritual Gifts, and more, including previous copies of this newsletter.

The Episcopal Church Foundation ECF's mission is to help Episcopal faith communities develop strategy, leadership, and financial resources for ministry. Through their Vital Practices program, ECF produces Vestry Papers, which is a great resource, and the ECF site has lots of different resources available, especially in the area of planned giving.

Stewardship on Social Media. There's a whole network of Stewardship folks in the Diocese. Let's connect! Check out our Stewardship Facebook page here:; and our private group is here

Finally, always remember that you have staff support through the Bishop's Office. As Missioner for Stewardship and Legacy Giving I work with our churches to help develop and execute effective strategies to provide financial resources for ministry. And there's a great team of volunteers who can provide specialized expertise. We're here to help so don't hesitate to reach out.