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Stewardship Matters: Quiet Power of a Wish List

Quiet Power of a Wish List
Cynthia McChesney, Missioner for Stewardship and Legacy Giving

Ever notice how young children are happy to share their birthday or Christmas wish list? Maybe that's a lesson for all of us!

In a recent Stewardship in the Moment Workshop (click here for recording), we talked about Year-end Giving strategies. There's lots of gift-giving energy "in the air" at the end of the year. How can you put that energy to work?

You need a Wish List!

A Church Wish List is a strategy to help supplement income by sharing information about items and ministries that people might want to support, independent of what they already pay through their annual pledge. Wish list items can range from items, like paper, and toner, to lawn care, to larger, "special" gifts.

Here's how a PA church talks about theirs: Help wishes come true Items needed by Holy Cross Help us stretch our budget and mission by donating these needed items almost year round. All items may be dropped off at the Holy Cross Parish Hall during weekday business hours or before or after Sunday Services." 

Your Wish List can be used for Outreach projects too. Some churches use Amazon Wish Lists that way.

To get started, church leadership works together to create a list, with costs, and makes the List available to folks in or associated with the parish. Share it widely!

Wish Lists are not just for Christmas, either. Keep yours going all year long, adding to it and noting when things have been purchased. Click here to see how a church (in this case Congregational UCC) used their 160th Anniversary to share a whole slew of items, as well as their progress by crossing them off as purchased.

What might you put on your Church Wish List?  Have fun and dream a little!

P.S. In addition to Church Wish Lists, our recent Stewardship in the Moment Workshop recording shares other ideas you can use at Year-end, including tips on special Christmas Offering campaigns! Click here to watch.