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Sexton (part-time) - St. George's, Maplewood

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St. George’s, Maplewood is seeking a part-time Sexton to join our ministry team as we strive to be instruments of God’s unconditional love in the world! A vital part of our church’s ministry is done through the use of our building. In a given week, our building regularly supports: worship services, church-affiliated ministry and fellowship programs, six Twelve Step programs, two theater schools, a preschool, parent groups, and support groups. The Sexton plays a pivotal role in supporting our mission to love and serve the wider community through the care of our facilities.

The Sexton’s main responsibility is the regular cleaning and maintenance of our facilities (vacuuming, mopping, dusting, trash/recycling maintenance, changing light bulbs, etc.), as well as tracking of supplies. In addition to this responsibility, the Sexton will have the opportunity to earn extra income by providing cleanup services after one-time events (weddings, funerals, etc.). 

The position pays $20 an hour, with 12 hours guaranteed per week. For special events (weddings and funerals, Holiday Gala) the Sexton may be hired by the event holder to provide setup/teardown services for $150 per event. In addition, after completion of one year of service, the Sexton will receive the benefit of two weeks paid vacation time (proportionate to time worked per week) annually. The Sexton’s regular schedule will be determined together after hire with the Rector and the Sexton, in order to accommodate other potential work/family commitments the Sexton has and the use of the building. 

Interested in the position? Please contact Rev. Grant Mansfield at or at (973) 477-1907.

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