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Senior Moments: November is Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month
Scott Bennett

During November, Senior Ministries is supporting Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Alzheimer’s New Jersey and Senior Ministries are working together to call attention to the more than 500,000 New Jersey residents who are impacted by Alzheimer’s disease, many of whom are members of our congregations.

As the Bishop said in an email earlier today to all clergy and parish administrators, we recommend you take advantage of a Tool Kit that is designed to facilitate conversation about Alzheimer’s disease and encourage participation in Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. You can find it here: It includes ideas for how your parish can get involved, such as inviting a member of your congregation who has been affected by Alzheimer’s disease to speak during a service. We also invite you to tell parishioners who are affected to visit the Alzheimer’s New Jersey website (link above) for educational and support materials.

The Bishop has written a prayer that you can include in the Prayers for the People during November:

Dear God, we ask that you bring strength, courage and comfort to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s, and for their family, friends and caregivers. Amen.

Alzheimer’s disease takes a terrible toll on those who suffer from it and those who care for them. We hope that you will support this initiative.

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