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Seeking 2019 Advent Meditations: Stories from the Laity

Advent Meditations: Stories from the Laity

We will soon be in Advent the time of the year when we are expecting and preparing for God's gift of a Savior. This is wonderful; it gives us hope and joy. But of course we each have been given many gifts already.

For this year's Advent Meditations the Empowering Action Team of your Diocesan Council invites you, members of the laity, to think about the gifts God has given you; how you discovered them, how you have used them, and how they impact your spiritual life. Send us a short story about this. Please limit it to just a few sentences – about 200 words. The story does not need to relate to a particular reading; it will be a story from your heart.

Please contact us as soon as possible – using the email address below – to let us know you wish to contribute to the annual Advent Meditations. Please include your name, church affiliation, email, and a phone number (in case we need to contact you). We will let you know the date that your meditation will appear.

Meditations should be emailed by Nov. 15 to the Rev. Margaret Otterburn at Meditations may be slightly edited for corrections or length and will be presented anonymously.

Thank you for your interest and participation.