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Photos and video from the farewell luncheon for Bishop Beckwith and Marilyn Olson

Bishop Beckwith's farewell luncheon

In recognition of their 11 years of service to the people of the Diocese of Newark, the Transition Committee hosted a luncheon honoring Bishop Mark Beckwith and Marilyn Olson on September 8, 2018.

Held at the Skylands Event and Conference Center in Randolph, NJ, the luncheon was preceded by Noonday Prayer led by Canon Greg Jacobs. Bishop Tracie Bartholomew of the New Jersey Synod of the Evangelial Lutheran Church in America said grace.

The event included remarks and presentations by the Standing Committee, Trustees, Diocesan Council and Deacons. Janelle Grant and the Rev. Bill Allport spoke at the invitation of Bishop Beckwith, and diocesan staff member Sam Reckford unveiled Bishop Beckwith's official portrait. Bishop Beckwith gave an address in which he used the image of "crossing the river" to describe both the diocese's transition and his own.

Also in attendance were Bishop Prince Singh of Rochester and formerly a priest in this diocese; Bishop William "Chip" Stokes of New Jersey; Mrs. Ruth Councell, wife of the late Bishop George Councell of New Jersey; Bishop Andrew Dietsche of New York; Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe of Central New York; and Bishop Beckwith and Marilyn Olson's son, daughter, son-in-law and grandson, as well as other members of their extended family.

The gallery below has 155 photos from the event by Cynthia Black and Joe Bodine. Following the photo gallery is a video of Bishop Beckwith's address (time: 18:57).