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New online application process for Ward J. Herbert grants

John King, DIrector of Administration

The Ward J. Herbert Board is excited to introduce the new online application process for Ward J. Herbert grants. This process will replace the long Word document with a simple three-step process.

Applicants will initiate the application process by filling in the narrative questions on this webform. Upon submission, they will receive a confirmation email that provides two links: one to download the Excel workbook which has all the fund schedules to be completed – including sample data sheets for your review; and the other to the diocesan Dropbox so you may upload the completed Excel workbook and any supporting PDFs of estimates, invoices, or photos of the project.

This process will ensure the timely processing of your application, with your full materials supplied to the board members so that they are prepared to talk with you about your application.

The application deadline for the first Ward J. Herbert grant cycle of 2021 is Tuesday, Feb. 16 by 12 noon.

We realize that many of you may have applications already in progress, so there will be a grace period for accepting of older applications for the first two cycles of 2021. After that time, all applications should be submitted through the new process.

The Ward J. Herbert fund provides funding for capital projects, up to 50% of eligible expenditures, to the congregations of the Diocese of Newark. Since 1991, the Ward J. Herbert fund has provided over 4.7 million dollars to our congregations to assist with the most pressing concerns such as roofing, boilers and furnaces. For more information about the fund, please visit or contact John King at