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New life in Livingston

St. Peter's, Livingston's first event as the future Episcopal House

On Thursday, June 8, the former St. Peter's, Livingston held its first event as the future Episcopal House, a thank-you "picnic" dinner for those who helped make possible this next step in the life of the diocese. They are:

  • The 31 Mulberry Discernment Committee, who collected the information that informed the decision to sell 31 Mulberry to NJPAC;
  • The Episcopal House Relocation Working Group, who sifted through the diocese's needs and the real estate options available to recommend St. Peter's;
  • The Building Committee, who worked on initial concepts for the space and recommended an architect to the Trustees;
  • the volunteers at the Heavenly Finds Thrift Shop located at St. Peter's, who have been patient and gracious during the walk-throughs and inspections involved in this process;
  • members of the former St. Peter's, whose careful maintenance of the building made possible its continued service in the diocese;
  • the governing bodies of the diocese - the Trustees, Standing Committee, and Diocesan Council;
  • and the Bishop's staff.

St. Peter's next-door neighbor, the Ritz Diner, catered the family-style dinner of hamburgers, hotdogs, barbecued chicken and side dishes. The event was moved indoors due to the wildfire smoke blanketing the area.

Bishop Hughes and her staff look forward to moving into the new Episcopal House in September 2024.

Jane Jubilee, diocesan Hospitality Coordinator, welcoming guests to the Thank You Dinner.