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A message from the Standing Committee

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Dear Diocese of Newark,

Yesterday afternoon the Standing Committee was informed by the Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith of his intention to call for the election of the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Newark, thus initiating a process that will result in his taking leave from the diocese on September 22, 2018. While this news was met with great sadness by the Standing Committee, it also provides an opportunity to reflect on the wonderful gifts Bishop Beckwith has shared so generously with us in the past decade. The Bishop expressed his appreciation for everyone in the diocese for their faithful support of his ministry among us. We are all grateful to God for Mark's episcopacy as we continue to join God in shaping the future.

As we go forward, canonically, the Standing Committee is charged with the responsibility of initiating the process to call the next Bishop. To this aim, the Standing Committee will meet next Wednesday with the Rt. Rev. Clay Matthews who advises standing committees on elections throughout The Episcopal Church. There will be opportunities to serve and provide input throughout this process that will take at least 18 months. The Standing Committee is committed to being as open, transparent, and clear as we can throughout this transition. Our Bishop has indicated his desire to stay actively involved in serving the diocese fully until the date of the consecration of a new Bishop. Thus the initiatives and ministries throughout the diocese will remain active throughout the transition.

Please keep Mark, and the diocese in your prayers.

In the Peace of God,

The Standing Committee:
The Rev. Mary Davis
Wendy Drake-Schneider
The Rev. Joseph Harmon
Partrice Henderson
Naomi Horsky
The Rev. Chris McCloud
The Rev. John Mennell
Brenda Sherman