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A message from the Bishop Search/Nominating Committee

Search for the XI Bishop of Newark
The Bishop Search/Nominating Committee

By now you have read the information about the events that took place two weeks ago to necessitate a pause in our XI Bishop Search. Although our search for our next Diocesan Bishop is on hold, your Search/Nominating Committee is continuing to prepare for the next steps in our process. There was a breach in trust on the part of one of our members, and for this we sincerely apologize.

During this pause, your Search/Nominating Committee is solidifying the screening and interviewing process. We personally informed each applicant that our Search Process is now on hold, and all were most understanding and offered their prayers. A few candidates even applauded our making a hard decision around an ethical situation.

All the applications will remain on hold until January 2, at which time applicants will be given the opportunity to rewrite their essays based on the amended profile that goes live that day. Applicants may withdraw at any time, but based on our calls with each applicant, we have no reason to believe anyone will drop out due to the pause in our process.

Additionally, new applicants can apply between January 2 and 10. So, please encourage someone who you feel is qualified to apply. Who knows, maybe our next bishop has not even seen our application yet, but will feel the call in the coming weeks. With the new Bishop Search Timeline, your Search/Nominating Committee will accomplish the same amount of work in a shorter period of time. Please pray for us. The dates of the Electing Convention (May 19, 2018) and the Consecration (September 22, 2018) remain the same.

During January 2018, our Search/Nominating members will review essays, conduct phone interviews, host video interviews and spend many hours each day in discernment. By the end of January, we will raise up 8-10 candidates to invite to our Discernment Retreat (February 19-22, 2018). We will continue to keep the Diocese updated on our process; as you know, the content of the Search (names, details, etc.) is confidential, so please be respectful if Committee Members are unable to share certain information.

The Standing Committee recently appointed four new members to the Search/Nominating Committee to replace four members who resigned since our June retreat. These new members will help provide additional perspective and insight, and we look forward to welcoming them to our next meeting.

Through the online survey and the listening meetings, we learned about who and what we are as a Diocese. The data also helped us see the passion, energy and love many have of our Diocese. As we look to welcoming our XI Bishop, may we continue to join God in shaping our future.

For any updates about the Bishop Search process, keep an eye on the Bishop Search page of the Diocesan website. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

The Rev. Jerry Racioppi, Holy Spirit, Verona (Co-Chair)
Ms. Michele Simon, St. Paul's, Englewood (Co-Chair)