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Marge Christie’s love for the Episcopal Church never dims

Caroline and Marge Christie.
Sharon Sheridan / Episcopal News Service

The two best decisions she ever made, says Marge Christie, were accepting her husband George’s marriage proposal and joining the Episcopal Church.

The two decisions were, in fact, related. After they met in high school, she said, “I used to go to church with him because, guess what? I had an extra day with him.”

They married in 1950 and raised four children before he died in 1995. Early on, she attended an inquirer’s class at the local Episcopal church and was confirmed. Soon she joined the church women’s group and embarked on a lifetime of service and leadership, spanning the days before women could serve even as convention deputies to today, when the presiding bishop and president of the House of Deputies both are women.

Throughout, her love of the church never dimmed.

“I’ve had a challenging and an interesting and a spectacular time,” said Christie, who turns 84 in May.