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Making a difference: Teen sows seeds for bi-lingual summer camp in Morristown

Lunch at St. Peter's Bi-Lingual Summer Bible Camp in Morristown.
Kevin Coughlin /

[Morristown Green] Hannah Kraft didn’t set out to launch a bilingual vacation Bible camp at her Morristown parish, but the successful new summer program at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church was the payoff for her curiosity.

Originally, the idea was to help Spanish-speaking kids learn English.

Hannah, 17, envisioned teaching other teens English when she joined a Bible study class of Principe de Paz, an evangelical congregation that rents space at St. Peter’s.

But the teens already spoke English quite well. They said their parents needed the help.

And so Hannah set about devising an English tutoring program for adults. She walked across the street to the Morristown & Township Library and did some research, then reached out to the Literacy Volunteers of America.

Before long, 30 parents were showing up on wintry Friday nights for classes.

When Hannah asked what the parents needed next, they expressed concerns about how to occupy their kids all summer. Daycare was too expensive. And so the St. Peter’s Bilingual Summer Bible Camp was born.