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Listening Excursion participants reflect, form future plans

Listening Excursion participants reflect, form future plans
Ginny Dinsmore

On Saturday, June 3, 23 congregations attended the Listening Reflection event to check with one another about their experiences in listening over the previous three months. This Listening Excursion kicked off on March 4 in response to Bishop Beckwith's invitation at the Annual Diocesan Convention in January.

Ben Fay

In break-out sessions and panel discussions, the participants reported experiencing many "wow" moments over the past three months, and a sense that "we are all in this together."

The Rev. Bill Allport

Using the plans they designed on June 3, the teams are continuing to practice listening to God in scripture, each other, and in the neighborhood. They will gather again on Saturday, October 28 to continue reflecting with one another other and to be given tools and resources for discerning what God is up to in their communities based on the stories they heard.

Bishop Mark Beckwith