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A letter from Bishop-elect Carlye Hughes

Bishop-elect Carlye Hughes, her husband David Smedley, and their dog Abbey.
Bishop-elect Carlye Hughes, her husband David Smedley, and their dog Abbey.

Dear Companions on the Journey,

What a great delight it is to write to you from the Bishop’s Residence. After many weeks of handing off projects, farewell meals, packing, driving, driving, and more driving, we are finally here. We have been warmly welcomed by the Transition Committee and are settling into life here.

Since you called me to be the XI Bishop of Newark, David and I have been thinking of you. Your hopes, dreams, worries, and concerns have been on our minds. We kept you in our prayers, in our conversation, in our laughter, and in our gratitude. Talking, praying, and thinking of you became an everyday part of our lives this summer.

We felt the blessing of your prayers for us and for the people, clergy, and staff at Trinity - Fort Worth. The knowledge of so many people and parishes in this diocese praying for Trinity was a comfort and affirmation to my beloved congregation. Our transition continues, but we live among you now, and our communal life has begun.

The next few weeks will be focused on preparing for the Ordination and Consecration Service on September 22. I am very grateful for the many people involved in preparation for this significant event in my life and in the life of the diocese. Alongside all the preparations, the most important thing I will do in the coming weeks is to begin getting to know you.

I am certain that many items/issues will demand our attention in the next few weeks. Still, it is the relationship we have with God and with each other that shape us into the people God intends us to be. These vital elements of communal faith life will always draw my attention and I hope they will draw yours too.

I thank God for each of you, for your congregations, for the honor and privilege of joining you in ministry. God is already busy in our midst and I am excited to see what God will continue to do with us.

Grace and peace,