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January status update from the Transition Committee

Search for the XI Bishop of Newark
The Transition Committee

The Transition Committee has been hard at work researching and planning for the next two milestones in the election journey: the Candidates’ Walkabouts and the Electing Convention. These events require major logistical maneuvering to be both accommodating and welcoming, and to encourage everyone’s participation. May 3-6 are the dates for the Walkabouts; the venues and schedules will be announced soon by the Standing Committee.

Meanwhile, we are also providing regular spiritual support and encouragement to the staff at Episcopal House. Along with regular check-ins from members of the Transition Committee, cookies, sweets, other goodies and well wishes were provided to the staff at Christmas and we will continue to provide similar support as the search process moves forward.

Ms. Carol Harrison-Arnold, Incarnation, Jersey City (Co-Chair)
The Rev. Audrey Hasselbrook, St. James, Upper Montclair (Co-Chair)