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Jane Jubilee to serve as Coordinator of Diocesan Resources & Events

John King, Director of Administration

We are pleased to announce that Jane Jubilee’s job title will change from the current “Administrative Assistant for Diocesan Services” to Coordinator of Diocesan Resources & Events. This change is reflective of not only the capabilities Jane has demonstrated since joining us full time in late 2014, but it is also reflective of the continuing evolution of how we determine the most effective and efficient use of the talents available on the Episcopal House staff.

Jane will continue to oversee the re-imagining of the Bishop Anand Resource Center, and also serve as a key resource of the Liturgy and Music Commission, as well as Namaste and Episcopal House staff.

As a natural expansion of her role in supporting the various liturgy events, including but not limited to Confirmation and Ordination services and receptions, Jane will assume responsibility for the coordination of all of our hospitality efforts for these, and other diocesan-wide events, both inside and out of Episcopal House.

Jane is a member of St. George’s Church in Maplewood.